Minutes 11.20.08

Minutes 11.20.08

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present: Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Nancy Payne, Elizabeth Bradley, Keith Littlewood, Melanie McCollum, Animesh Jain, Eugene Corbett, Meg Keeley.

Absent: Seki Balogun, Walter Davis, Brian Wispelwey, Mark Kirk, Veronica Michaelsen, Anne Chapin, Mary Bryant

At today's meeting, the WG continued its discussion regarding next steps in enhancing clinical skills education in the curriculum. At the October meeting of the WG, the following two recommendations were identified as having highest priority: 

Projects for Immediate Action:

  1. Create a four-year faculty and student mentorship program.

    The Working Group will draft a proposal for the mentorship program at the next meeting
  2. Adopt the Working Group modified set of the AAMC recommended clinical skills and incorporate their learning and assessment into the UME curriculum.

    The Working Group will map the Skills list to the courses, clerkships and electives across the four years to determine the current coverage of the list, and will make recommendations to fill in the gaps for more complete coverage of the skills list in the curriculum.

In today's continuing discussion, the WG agreed that both of these priorities should be implemented simultaneously in order to best guarantee an effective skill development process.  Discussion centered around the following elements:

  1. A skills learning curricular map

  2. Clinical skills/development mentor:

    (Modeled upon the 2-mentor POM I style)
    Roles: advise, evaluate student progress, advocate, identify remediation needs
    Responsibility: follow groups of students in each curricular year, delegate selected mentoring roles to more senior students
  3. An overall student evaluation & assessment plan
  4. Process plan to include:

    Specification of student role & responsibilities
    Specification of faculty role and responsibilities
    Recommended schedule of mentor-student activities
    Curricular and documentation expectations

At its next meeting, the WG will continue to discuss and refine these implementation plans, addressing additional facets of this process including:

  1. teachers / courses / clerkships / selectives / electives
  2. benchmarks / standards
  3. support / facilities
  4. leadership
  5. program evaluation


Next meeting: Dec 2nd , 10:30-12:00