Minutes 10.06.09

Minutes 10.06.09

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education


Present: Darci Lieb, Elizabeth Bradley, Meg Keeley, Keith Littlewood, Gene Corbett, Melanie McCollum, Chris Peterson, Anne Chapin

Guests: Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Selina Noramly, Donna Chen

  1. MCM-CPD clinical theme map discussion:

    Linda and Selina presented a well designed proposal for the MCM-CPD curriculum map.  Key discussion points include the following:
    1. begin the CPD-I small group discussion during the Cells To Society week. Theme: autobiographies and professionalism reflection
    2. Have students complete administrative necessities the week/Friday prior to the C2S week in order to allow for more educational time during the C2S week
    3. Begin the correlated MCM-CPD clinical themes during the  first MCM week (nutrition theme)
    4. Plan for a 30-60 minute CPD presentation on Monday am during MCM time
    5. (see revised CPD map

  2. Donna Chen described the general goals of the professionalism competency. She will assist the working group as this thread is woven into the CPD curriculum map (4 year plan)

  3. Other discussion points:
    1. Developing plans for utilizing an EPIC-related EHR mechanism into CPD from the outset of the curriculum. Steve Borowitz is assisting us in this effort
    2. A draft job description for the CPD-I co-directorship is in preparation and will be discussed further at the next WG meeting
    3. Overall CPD course sketch: almost all Systems have provided clinical themes, CPD case discussion themes, and clinical skill learning recommendations. Pending further input is expected soon from dermatology, MBB, B&D(Microbe Essentials).
    4. The skill learning plan for the MCM period will be developed from a joint consideration of the current POM I syllabus and the newly proposed MCM-CPD curriculum plan. At this discussion, the McGill clinical reasoning perspective will also be incorporated into the CPD-I curriculum plan.

Addendum: A novel idea for CPD scheduling has been suggested by Don Innes, namely, to schedule the initial CPD (MCM) period in the am rather than pm. This would allow more flexibility in room use (new med ed bldg) between NGC/MCM and the current 2nd year curriculum during the Fall when there remains curriculum overlap. More to come...

Tentative discussion items for next meeting: MCM-CPD map, Info/EHR plans, transition course discussion with Dr Tina Brashears, colleges system update 

Next meeting: Nov 3, 2009 10:30-12:00 HS Library Classroom