Minutes 10.02.07

Minutes 10.02.07

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present:, Brian Wispelway, Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Meg Keeley, Nancy Payne, Mark Kirk, Anne Chapin, Elizabeth Bradley, Melanie McCollum, Mary Bryant, Marcus Martin, Keith Littlewood, Andrew Goodman, Don Innes, Eugene Corbett. Absent: Seki Balogun, Veronica Michaelsen, Walter Davis

In this second meeting of the Working Group on Clinical Skills Education, discussion continued regarding the development and prioritization of our clinical skills education improvement efforts. The following issues were discussed:

There is a consensus developing that we begin our process by defining a set of skills that all students should become proficient in performing by the time of graduation. This set can then be used as a template for determining what skills are currently being taught in our curriculum, when, and how well. In addition, for skills that need to be learned, explicit plans may need to be developed to ensure their place in the curriculum. This will necessarily include creating opportunities for learning and practice, skills assessment, faculty and resident development, and space provision. Resources for developing the set of required clinical skills include those on the clerkship passports, and those contained in the AAMC monograph on UME clinical skills recommendations: www.aamc.org/meded/clinicalskills/.

Action item: 1. review local and national resources, 2. define clinical skill set for UVA UME 

Andrew Goodman (MS IV) spoke on behalf of the group of interested students involved in a Mulholland committee on clinical skills education. They suggest that years 1 and 2 of the curriculum need significant clinical enhancement in order to address a certain "disconnect" between the preclinical and clerkship curricula and to better enhance opportunities for students' clinical skill development. One example given is more robust and better standardization of physical examination teaching in POM I. This committee will be working in parallel with faculty to help achieve the goals of the Working Group.

Action item: review student recommendations for clinical skills education at UVA

There was discussion of the clerkship clinical skills educator program (CSE) and its popularity among both students and faculty in internal medicine. Some concerns were raised regarding the need for better standardization of this experience and for improved faculty development efforts. This seems especially important as this model is expanded to other clerkship disciplines.

Action item: discuss with clerkship leadership

Other topics discussed include the need for the WGonCSE to have "cold-hard" goals and objectives, to better utilize simulation in clinical skills teaching and assessment, and to create mechanisms to better evaluate skills teaching and learning. Brief discussion focused upon the development of the UVA clinical skills website as a mechanism to assist in linking and informing clinical skills education activities.

www.med-ed.virginia.edu/courses/clin skills/

Next meeting: OCTOBER 30, 2007, 10:30 LIBRARY CLASSROOM 1330-31