Minutes 09.04.07

Minutes 09.04.07

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present: Walter Davis, Brian Wispelway, Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Meg Keeley, Nancy Payne, Mark Kirk, Anne Chapin, Elizabeth Bradley, Melanie McCollum, Mary Bryant, Eugene Corbett. Absent: Seki Balogun, Marcus Martin, Keith Littlewood, Veronica Michaelsen, Medical Student Representatives

This was the first meeting of the Working Group on Clinical Skills Education. The group engaged in 90 minutes of active discussion on the matter of clinical skills education of medical students. The following set of issues summarizes this initial discussion and identifies many of the essential project activities of the Working Group.

I.     Identify and develop our curricular map for clinical skills education

  • Identification of clinical skills education curricular activities that currently exist
  • Creation of a set of skills in which all students should be proficient by the time of graduation
  • A plan for skills teaching by curricular year (1 through 4)
  • Enhancement of skill practice, repetition and reinforcement opportunities
  • Creation of a linked skill development assessment plan ("assessment drives the curriculum")
  • Define and implement skill performance standards for each year (e.g., RIME, Miller etc. developmental schemes)
  • Develop "product criteria" (graduation standards)
  • Outlier identification
  • Design and implementation of skills remediation/improvement programs
  • How can we best link the 4-year curricular experiences?

II. Determine how we can best inculcate a "clerkship" preparation mentality into years 1&2

  • Among students?
  • Among faculty?

III.  Determine how we can better construct the 3rd & 4th year clinical experiences to enhance skill development and the achievement of standardized skill proficiency

IV.  Determine how we can best engender/re-establish the student role in the clinical environment (institutional, departmental & hospital accountability, demarginalization)

V.  Student issues:

  • Encourage self-directed learning (personal accountability)
  • Address the pass/fail problem
  • Encourage attendance
  • Minimize the influence of personal entitlement
  • Create more optimal admissions criteria

VI.  Faculty and resident development:

  • Enhance commitment and accountability for students' clinical education
  • Improve the quality of instruction: observation, evaluation & feedback
  • Encourage specific focus upon clinical skills education

Next meeting: OCTOBER 2, 2007, 10:30 LIBRARY CLASSROOM 1329