Minutes 07.14.09

Minutes 07.14.09

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present: Darci Lieb, Elizabeth Bradley, Mary Bryant, Selina Noramly, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Gene Corbett, Walt Davis, Evan Heald, Brad Bradenham, Chris Peterson, Anne Chapin

  1. The issue of having an opening session each week on Monday, and a closing session on Friday to help frame the clinical theme of the week was discussed further. Some system session designs are also including this feature. The WG agreed that the content of these 2 sessions should be flexibly designed and coordinated with MCM and each system so as to address the needs of all concerned.

  2. Further discussion of anticipated resource needs and related issues for consideration. These include:
    1. Recruitment of CPD faculty (should start asap)
    2. Faculty scheduling (plan for 4 hours per session per week)
    3. Chair support and commitment (especially needed for a)
    4. 24 month Faculty commitment (even though preclerkship wkly sessions = 18 mo)
    5. Plan for having faculty substitutes available
    6. $ support needs specification
    7. Be creative and flexible in planning the weekly sessions, including the idea of occasionally combining small groups into mid-sized groups.
  3. Further discussion of draft clinical themes for MCM , MS/Integ, Bugs & Drugs

    The purpose of this list is to initiate discussion leading to further refinement/revision among the WG, the MCM and systems groups regarding theme selection and wording. Some of these themes may be used repetitively as the curriculum creates the opportunity for students to revisit these ideas at progressively more advanced levels of scientific and clinical study.

    Eventual agreement on the weekly clinical theme plan for the full duration of the preclerkship phase will then allow for further development of weekly clinical cases, clinical skill learning experiences, student assessment strategies, and the design of the student portfolio.

  4. Tentative discussion items for next meeting: Mind Brain Behavior clinical themes, faculty  development, and recruitment of CPD faculty mentors.

Next meeting: Aug 11, 2009 10:30-12:00 HS Library Classroom