Minutes 02.24.11

Minutes 02.24.11

UVa School of Medicine

Working Group on Clinical Skills Education

Recommendations to the Curriculum Committee:

Clinical Performance Development

II Clerkships & III Advanced CPD 

Meeting minutes, Feb. 24, 2011


Present: E Corbett, E Heald, M Keeley, K Littlewood, C Peterson, N Reza, I Stephens, S Zhao

This is the second of 4 CPD 2/3 planning meetings. Discussion continued regarding the creation of specific recommendations for the curriculum committee. Student input benefitted today thanks to the presence of Nosheen Reza and Sam Zhao.


Four recommendation emphases dominated our discussion today:


  1. The need to ensure patient and patient-care centeredness of the clerkship experience (student-patient relationship time) :

    Limit non patient-centered experiences (what students term “wasted time”):

                 Lecturing especially in large group sessions
                 Non-clinical time

    Patient contact from the outset & daily throughout
    All large and small group sessions need to be patient/case centered
  2. Standardization and specification of clerkship experiences design

    Orientation time/content
    Attending physician responsibilities
    Number and kind of clinical case exposure (ED2)
    Independent student Hx & PE (patient evaluation)
    Specific clinical skills to be learned and practiced
    (maximize repetition/limit unnecessary redundancy throughout the year)
    Clinical skills workshops (design and content)
    Clerkship passports
    On call requirements
    Student teaching time
    Student Learning portfolio utilization
    Advance clinical performance development expectations throughout the year
    (developmental principle)
    Continuity of CPD mentoring throughout 4 years
    How to best maintain basic science learning/involvement in each clerkship

  3. Standardization of clerkship student assessment

    Shelf/written examination
    Preceptor evaluation
    Resident evaluation
    Self evaluation
    Utilize all 12 objectives categories
    (proportionality of elements for grading)
  4. Centralization of administration, evaluation,  & accountability for clerkship performance across disciplines

    OASIS database utilization
    Student assessment database
    Clerkship/director evaluation & feedback, performance accountability


Next meeting: Thursday, March 10, 12-1:30pm, Mock Learning Studio