Minutes 02.05.08

Minutes 02.05.08

Working Group on
Clinical Skills Education

Present: Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Meg Keeley, Nancy Payne, Anne Chapin, Elizabeth Bradley, Melanie McCollum, Keith Littlewood, Mark Kirk, Mary Bryant, Marcus Martin, Eugene Corbett. Absent: Seki Balogun, Veronica Michaelsen, Walter Davis, Brian Wispelway, Student Rep

In this 5th meeting, spirited discussion continued regarding the need to determine the current status of clinical skill teaching and learning in the curriculum. The ultimate goal is to define the set of clinical skills which all students at UVA should be expected to learn during their 4 year curricular experience, and a strategy for accomplishing this task. The following issues were discussed and agreed upon:

We will likely obtain better information on the current status of skills education in the curriculum if we survey both students and faculty;

  1. It is best to survey the students first, preferably those at the end of the 3rd and 4th years, and utilize that information to better prioritize skills teaching information that is needed from faculty. The goal will be to obtain the student information at the end of the respective current years;
  2. The student survey will primarily ask about the level of students' self perceived ability of skill performance using a 5 level scheme (from none through independent ability with a patient). The group will provide final comments on the design of this via email;
  3. Groups to be considered for the faculty survey include course directors, clerkship directors, program directors and other selected faculty who might be particularly knowledgeable regarding students' skill development. The style of the faculty survey will be geared toward an "in person" interview in order to enhance the quality of the information obtained.
  4. The faculty survey will also provide for obtaining faculty suggestions for any additions to the clinical skills list as well as barriers they perceive to enhanced skills education including resources and student practice time and opportunity;
  5. Discussion also involved ideas regarding team-based teaching and learning, and related faculty development implications.

Next meeting: (time tba) HS Library Classroom 1330-31