Minutes 01.06.09

Minutes 01.06.09

Working Group on Clinical
Skills Education

Present: Darci Lieb, Evan Heald, Nancy Payne, Elizabeth Bradley, Veronica Michaelsen, Mary Bryant, Seki Balogun, Walt Davis, Anne Chapin, Animesh Jain, Melanie McCollum, Keith Littlewood, Meg Keeley

Absent: Gene Corbett, Brian Wispelway, Mark Kirk

The Curriculum Committee looks to the WG to provide leadership in the design, development and implementation of the new and integrated Clinical Performance Development course (see prior meeting minutes and CPD working document). Today's Working Group discussion centered around 2 main elements of this course:

  1.   Creating a four-year faculty and student mentorship program.

    A lively discussion was held regarding the many aspects of developing such a program. Questions including who can and will serve in this longitudinal capacity, what will the faculty responsibilities be, how will time be made available for this role, how will it be funded, what if someone can't commit to four years, what if different stages of medical school require different types of mentors, were all discussed. After lengthy discussion, The group decided to table this issue until the Clinical Performance Development Course had been more thoroughly developed, as the course content and structure itself will help inform the needs of the mentoring program.

  2. Mapping the adopted Clinical Skills list to the new curriculum's System structure.

    Small sub-groups of the WG will meet prior to our February 3rd meeting to begin mapping the clinical skills to the System Blocks and the Foundations course. Once this task is complete, the WG will send each System Community chair recommendations about appropriate clinical skill content for the Foundations and organ-system blocks.

Next meeting: February 3, 2009 10:30-12:00 HS Library Classroom