Minutes 4/19/12

Minutes 4/19/12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes – 04/19/12

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Chris Burns, Donna Chen, Thomas Gampper, Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), John Jackson, Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Mohan Nadkarni, Bart Nathan, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Casey White, Bill WilsonMary Kate Worden, Brandon Hunter,  Guests:  Mary BryantJennifer Marks, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1.  Clinical Performance Development (CPD) Course Review.  Jennifer Marks and Mary Bryant provided a brief outline of the CPD course goals and objectives and the typical weekly scheduled activities.  They also outlined what they perceive as their greatest strengths and weaknesses of the course as well as strategies for change.

    - Strengths:

    Longitudinal mentoring
    Supportive small group environment
    Experienced, dedicated faculty
    Integrated with the morning content
    Application of basic science principles to direct patient care

    - Recognized areas for improvement:

    Balancing adequate history and physical examination opportunities with time for other hands-on skills
    Standardizing individual groups’ experiences
    Modifying Case Tool to meet the needs of CPD course
    Adding more faculty development opportunities
    Effectively utilizing co-mentor skills
    Improving use of technology
    Making definitive plans regarding weekly student learning objectives
    Ensuring that students prepare for small group by doing suggested readings and viewing videos

    - Strategy for change:

    Review student feedback regarding course content from written evaluations and face-to-face meetings
    Dr. Eugene Corbett continues to audit each small group and provides feedback about each small group’s functioning
    We are working with John Jackson to modify Case Tool to meet our needs
    Considering additional faculty development in lieu of learning objective time?
    We have established a co-mentor advisory committee
    This Spring, we will pilot an on-line Student Learning Portfolio

    The Committee inquired whether student preparation for small group activities was adequate.  The Course Directors are working to consistently have better-prepared students by providing more specific learning objectives.  The amount of reading required before small group activities is variable but is manageable especially when it is spread over several weeks of activities.

    When asked if students are attending required patient presentation morning sessions, the course directors believe most students do attend these sessions. 

     Faculty development for mentors is constantly being refined to insure a consistent small group experience for all the student groups. 

    Students are assessed by their mentors three times during the 18-month course and perform an H&P with a standardized patient for their final score.  This year, e-portfolios consisting of patient logs, ethics papers, etc. will soon be introduced to their grading assessment as well.  The Committee asked that students be assessed on a more regular interval by clicker or survey monkey quizzes prior to small groups as well as increased mentor evaluations.  These preactivity quizzes would encourage better preparation for the small group activities.  The Oasis module currently in development will enable mentor evaluations of students along with more feedback for the students. Following additional discussion an addendum will be added and sent to the CPD-1 Leadership.

    Mary Bryant and Jennifer Marks have done a superb job of organizing and developing the CPD-1 course with assistance from Gene Corbett. The enormous amount of work by Mary and Jen is much appreciated by the Curriculum Committee. They are very special people and we thank them for their appreciation of the educational needs of first/second year medical students, their organizational skills and their diplomacy in all matters with students and faculty.


Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.