Minutes 12.19.02

Minutes 12.19.02

Curriculum Committee Minutes 12.19.02

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Lisa Coray, Gene Corbett, Donald Innes (Chair), Vern Juel, Howard Kutchai, Jerry Short, Nikhil Rao, Bill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Debra Reed (secretary)


  1. Clerkship Interim Reports. Discussion continued on clerkship interim reports. Letters of response will be prepared and sent to the all clerkship directors. Internal Medicine will provide a report by 1/9/03.

    The Curriculum Committee has reviewed the Neurology web site and will recommend that other clerkships provide similar web sites. John Jackson's office in ITC provides information through the faculty tool box on the web and may be able to provide some direct support to facilitate this.

    Family Medicine - Grades are assigned quarterly which means students who participate in the clerkship in the first weeks of a quarter may not receive their grade until 3-4 months later. Student comments in the Mulholland report were overall positive but did note lack of participation in procedures.

    Students have reported a similar lack of hands-on skill training in all the clerkships except those done at the Salem VA. The Curriculum Committee will ask the Clinical Medicine Committee to look into this issue. Participation by students and even residents in the IV Team, Phlebotomy team and Inhalation Therapy team during the third year for a specified period of time might enhance student as well as resident skills. Creating a program for both residents and medical students might be of interest to the Hospital. Fourth year ACE elective might also include more skill-based learning.

    Increasing night call for students might also allow more procedural experience. As of the last full clerkship review, call schedules are as follows:
    UVA Outpatient Clinic, KCRC, and Newborn Nursery: No night call. (Some students may have an evening shift in the Peds Emergency Room once or twice during one of these rotations).

    UVA Ward: Every 4th night; Roanoke:Every 3rd night; Fairfax: Every 4th night

    UVA: approximately 5 times within the six weeks. Call is only on weekdays and is from 5:30 -11 PM
    WSH: 4 calls within the six weeks. Call is on weekdays only and is until 10 PM
    Roanoke: 8 nights (5 PM- 7 AM) and 1-2 Saturdays (8 AM- 8 PM). There is a cap of 2 admission, and call is not necessarily in-house—students may go back to the dorm
    Salem: 3weekend days (approximately 8 hours each)

    Call is at most every third night. There is no over night call.. A change from many years ago is the lack of space for in house overnight call for students.

    One overnight call during the inpatient component (at UVA) of the four_week rotation

    Internal Medicine
    UVA - Every fourth night on most inpatient rotations
    Roanoke _ Every 4 days, 7p.m. - 7 a.m.

    UVA call schedule is every 3_4 night. Roanoke call schedule is 3_4 times per rotation.

    Family Practice
    Call is not required.

  2. Don Innes read a letter from the LCME who has reviewed and accepted our report of May 21, 2002 from Dr. Carey. The LCME determined that the school fully complies with relevant standards for item 3 and has made satisfactory progress towards full compliance on issues 1,2, and 4. Because the latter areas represent evolving activities and plans, the survey team that conducts our next full accreditation survey will be specifically instructed to chart further progress in those areas. That survey is scheduled for 2006-07 academic year.

  3. The Curriculum Committee will review all four years of medical school, how they fit together and to set priorities for the future.

Don Innes