Minutes 12.15.11

Minutes 12.15.11

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Executive Management Group
Minutes – 12.15.11

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), John Jackson, Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Debra Reed (Secretary)


  1. Introduction of Casey White.  The Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group (CCEMG) welcomed Casey White to both the Curriculum Committee and the Curriculum Management Management Group.  Dr. White has recently joined the faculty as Associate Dean for Medical Education Research and Instruction.

  2. Awards and Honors for SMD 14.  The CCEMG reviewed the awards given to SMD13 and discussed how best to update for the Next Gen Curriculum.   The CCEMG would like to still provide some awards but without placing excess emphasis on grades.   Some awards, such as the Samuel Michael Brooke Award can easily be moved into the Next Gen Curriculum.  Other departmental awards such as those from Pharmacology and Biochemistry are more difficult to award.  Don Innes will contact the Chairs of the departments who provided awards for SMD13 to find out if the awards can still be given and determine a methodology for selecting the award winners.  John Jackson noted that individual performance on various threads can be tracked through x-credit for SMD15.  Whether tracking of this performance data would detract from integration and put undue emphasis on grades in the Pass/Fail system was discussed.   System Leaders will also be polled to see if they would like to create new awards for their systems.  These awards are used in the Dean’s letters but some of the members noted that very few awards of this type are noted on the residency applications they review in their departments.  Decisions on maintenance of old awards or inception of new awards will need to be made by January 15, 2012.  This will allow for an awards presentation ceremony during the transition course.

  3. Passports for SMD 2014.  John Jackson will work with Nancy McDaniel to develop the online passport to go into use with the first clerkship for the Class of 2014 in mid February.  They will work to integrate the patient logs and passport information in Oasis.  Logs and passports must be signed-off by department faculty and/or residents.  They will continue to explore the inclusion of MRNs in the patient logs for audit purposes.  Sign off on the patient logs and passports will assure that the School of Medicine is adhering to LCME standards.  Remediation of student inadequacies should be timely and consistent over all the clerkships.  Remediation might often be accomplished with standardized online “clip” cases.   Remediation standards will be developed for all the clerkships.

  4. Learning Objectives in the Clerkships.   Clerkship directors have been asked to review and update their learning objectives for the Class of 2014.  This first class of the Next Gen Curriculum will demand refined learning objectives such as those provided them in the preclinical years.

  5. SIM Center.  Keith Littlewood noted that the SIM Center will work with the CPD directors to enhance integration of the SIM Center in CPD. 

  6. Clinical Performance Development (CPD).  Nancy McDaniel attended a recent CPD mentor faculty development session.  She and John Jackson will work with the CPD directors to develop a standardized method of expectations, evaluation, and feedback for CPD activities.    Don Innes asked that the Professionalism check sheet from the Internal Medicine Board be incorporated into the student evaluations in CPD.

The full Curriculum Committee will meet the first week of January on January 5, 2012 at 4:00 pm in the Pediatric Conference Room   

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.