Minutes 12.05.13

Minutes 12.05.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes – 12/5/13

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold, Stephen Borowitz, Megan BrayDonna ChenPeter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair),  Sean Jackson,  Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDanielBart NathanSabrina NunezTheresa Schlager, Neeral Shah, Amita Sudhir,  Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Casey White,  Bill Wilson,  Mary Kate Worden,  Elizabeth Bradley, Lee Eschenroeder, Jean-Baptiste Maitre, Mary Grace Baker (alternate), Derrick ThielDebra Reed (secretary)

  1. Clerkship Learning Objectives Statement.  The Curriculum Committee discussed and amended a statement regarding Learning Objectives in the Clerkships. 

    All clerkship directors must have learning objectives for their clerkship.  Clerkship Directors must ensure that all involved with teaching medical students, e.g. faculty, resident physicians, and non-faculty, are aware of and use the learning objectives to guide their teaching and assessment. 

    This statement will be discussed at the Clerkship/Post-clerkship meeting on Monday, 12/9/13, returned to the Curriculum Committee for final approval, and then disseminated to all clerkship teaching faculty by the Clerkship Directors. 

  2. Annual clerkship Reviews - Emergency Medicine – Megan Bray presented the results of the recent review of the Emergency Medicine Clerkship.

    Reviewers:  Keith Littlewood and Megan Bray
    Clerkship Director:  Amita Sudhir, Associate Director:  Chris Ghaemmaghami
    Clerkship Coordinator: Aileen Watchko

    Sources of Information:
    Clerkship Strengths:
    Clerkship Challenges:
    Recommendations from 2012-2013 Report and Remedies:

    Recommendations for 2014:

     The Committee discussed development of a “universal” passport  that would assure procedural skills were learned and evaluated  in one or more clerkships.  Clerkship leaders will need to work together to develop this checklist.  While some procedures are unique to a specific clerkship, others may be taught in multiple venues.

    Student “ride alongs” with ambulance services was discussed.  Whether making this an elective activity and/or “optional” limits liability was debated.  Don Innes will make inquiries with the University Counsel, Evelyn R. Fleming, regarding legalities and liability issues with this practice. 

    The Committee discussed implementation of Mid-clerkship evaluations at the end of the second week of the three-week clerkship or at the end of the each student ‘s fifth shift.
  3. Annual clerkship Reviews - Psychiatric Medicine.  Nancy McDaniel outlined the findings from the recent Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship review. 

    Reviewers:  Neeral Shah, Nancy McDaniel). 
    Clerkship Director: Pam Herrington Associate Director:  TBA

    The reviewers met with Dr. Herrington, clerkship director on November 26, 2013: this review is based on that conversation and a review of the Clerkship report submitted by Dr. Herrington.

    Positive Aspects of the Psychiatry Clerkship

    Challenges and ongoing opportunities

    Issue of the three sites and whether they provide a comparable experience:

    The Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship currently uses three sites.  Some data from student reviews of the Clerkship from recent Mulholland Clerkship reports are shown here:

    Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship – Overall Score:






    Year Assessed





    All Sites










    Salem VA





    Western State





    Recommendations for 2014:

    Recent personnel changes in the UVA Department of Psychiatric Medicine have made finding and retaining an Associate Director for this clerkships difficult but should be possible in the near future. 

    A new Psychiatric Clerkship Director at the Salem VA has been named and Pam Herrington is asked to reach out to this person to make sure student experiences at the Salem VA are equal to those at other sites.   

    The Committee discussed whether this clerkship might be expanded to include Bon Secours or Fairfax.

    Pam Herrington is asked to seek methods to expand the outpatient psychiatric experience at all sites. 

    The Department of Psychiatric Medicine has hired an “instructor” position for the coming year that will provide assistance to the Clerkship Director on learning objectives and learning materials.  Mary Kate Worden would like to ask that this faculty member review the LOs and learning materials for the Mind Brain and Behavior system. 

    The Committee discussed the excellent work of Derek Mongold, the consulting Psychiatric  physician in the Emergency Department and whether his role in the Psychiatric Clerkship  could be maximized.

    More communication between the Clerkship Director and the faculty both here at UVA and at the away sites is strongly recommended.  Expectations and goals should be clearly delineated to all faculty.

  4. Hospitalist Service.  Don Innes has communicated with Brian Wispelwey, Medicine Clerkship director, regarding the possibility of Medicine clerkship students working with the Hospitalist program at UVA.  At present students are able to arrange an ACE experience with a hospitalist in the fourth year but the clerkship does not provide a hospitalist experience.    Incorporating clerkship students into the hospitalist service would likely dilute the experience for the fourth year elective students so we will not move to expand the hospitalist experience into the clerkships at the present time.  However, more hospitalists will be encouraged to host ACE students in this highly sought after rotation.

  5. Revisions to LOs / Changes to procedures in the Clerkships.  The Clerkship/PostClerkship Committee will be asked to review and approve any and all changes to learning objectives and procedural skills in the clerkships to ensure that proper coverage is accomplished.

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.
Debra Reed