Minutes 10.21.10

Minutes 10.21.10

Curriculum Committee Minutes 10.21.10

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes – 10.21.10

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Troy Buer, Donna Chen, Eugene Corbett, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Jim Martindale, Veronica Michaelsen, Mohan Nadkarni, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Bill Wilson,  Mary Kate Worden,  John Hemler,  Christina Portal,  Nicole White, Debra Reed (secretary)  

  1. Announcement:  Don Innes outlined the events of the Joint Clinical Clerkship meeting held in Roanoke at the Virginia Tech/Carilion School of Medicine on Wednesday 10/20/10.  Among other things, the event included a cultural competency workshop, a clerkship transition report, program reports from each clerkship site, a discussion on acting internships, and a tour of the impressive new medical school facilities in Roanoke. 

  2. Clinical Performance Development (CPD) in the Clerkships.    Eugene Corbett presented a worksheet to help the CPD Development Subcommittee understand what types of activities occur during a student clerkship rotation, how much student time is spent in various settings, how much teaching contact time is spent with interns, residents and faculty, and how CPD is assessed as part of the final clerkship grade.   How students are involved in various venues of care such as emergent acute outpatient, acute inpatient, etc. will be determined as well as other issues such as how a clerkship is organized, how much administrative support is available to each clerkship, and how faculty development is handled in each clerkship.  Dr. Corbett outlined initial plans for gathering the information from both clerkship directors and student focus groups.

    Dr. Corbett discussed how this information would be used to develop a CPD plan for the clerkships.  He also asked for guidance from the Curriculum Committee to help develop both an information-gathering phase and ultimately a CPD plan for the clerkships and electives.  Suggestions should be sent by e-mail to Dr. Corbett ecc9h@Virginia.EDU.

    was suggested that activities such as “Patient Care” have a detailed definition so that information obtained from faculty and students is truly comparable, i.e. “time spent in activities directly related to patient you are caring for” and list examples of activities that apply. Some of this information can be obtained from surveys and sources such as the LCME review and the clerkship annual reviews. How clerkship directors provide information to their faculty on topics such as cultural competency, how clerkship directors at various sites within a clerkship communicate and how teaching residents and faculty communicate with the clerkship director need to be determined.

  3. Recruitment and Selection of Clerkship Director(s).  The Committee discussed the latest draft of the policy for selection of Clerkship Directors.  Suggestions from previous discussions were included in this final draft.  The policy was approved by the Curriculum Committee and will now be presented to Randolph Canterbury and the Dean for approval and presentation to the Department Chairs.

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.