Minutes 08.23.12

Minutes 08.23.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 08/23/12

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden

  1. Change in Interview Policy Approved.  In anticipation that residency programs will offer interviews earlier this fall than in past years, the policy on excused absences for residency interviews will be changed. The interview season which had been November 1-February 1 will be lengthened to October 1 - February 1. The policy will be changed to:

    Students are allowed to take up to 1 day per week off to interview (or 4 days during a 4-week rotation) between October 1 and February 1. Some Electives do not allow time off to interview - remember to check the description or with the supervisor. Specific days missed must be pre-approved by the Attending on Service. This exception does not apply to ACE and selective rotations as they are graduation requirements.

  2. Grading Policy for Clerkships and Selectives Approved.

  3. Patient Safety & Quality (PS&Q) Thread in the Next Gen Curriculum Margaret Plews-Ogan outlined a plan for Patient Safety in the new curriculum. In five parts:

    Part I:  Orientation and Cells to Society
    Part II: The Basic Science of Patient Safety
    Part III:  Patient Safety Tools to improve care
    Part IV:  When things go wrong: disclosure and learning from mistakes
    Part V:  Wisdom in Medicine: Learning from mistakes

    Patient Safety and Quality (PS&Q) needs more defined context, e.g. exactly where in the curriculum specific activities should placed, refined learning objectives, and a recommended time/format. Team function, human factors, systems mechanics, hand-offs and checklists, root-cause analysis, and disclosure, etc. are topics to be covered. Casey White will work with Peggy Plews-Ogan to develop learning objectives and with Nancy McDaniel on identifying where PS&Q is best integrated into CPD especially in the Clerkships. Mary Kate offered some time in MBB. The Peri-Operative clerkship (Keith Littlewood and Ashley Shilling) is a focus for PS&Q. Peggy, Nancy and Casey will work together to get this done; then present a plan to the entire Curriculum Committee.

  4. Slide template. A slide template to block powerpoint slides during lecture was reviewed. The System leaders should be made aware of the template and make it available for use, but use should be optional. Please see Slide Template pdf.

  5. Attendance. The attendance monitoring system remains a concern although students and faculty seem to be adjusting. We will continue to watch this closely. [Teachers and system Leaders need to properly identify sessions, especially large group discussions that often would better be described as lectures.]


Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.