Minutes 08.22.13

Minutes 08.22.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 08.22.13

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Debra Reed (Secretary)

  1. Announcement:  An addendum was made to the 8/15/13 Curriculum Committee minutes noting John Jackson’s years of exemplary service to the SOM and his recent departure.

  2. Epidemiology.    Peter Ham reported on a perceived shortcoming in student preparedness for analyzing data during case presentation in some clerkship.  Evan Heald of AIM and Peter Ham of the FM clerkship have noted that recently the students appear less informed about proper use of published material during case presentations than in past years.  The group discussed whether that stems from something being removed from the curriculum or student perception that this topic is of less importance to their careers.  There has been a change in Epidemiology Thread Leaders. The new leader will be contacted and the learning objectives reviewed to ensure relevant topics are covered.  If covered already, more emphasis should be made to ensure students use proper analytic methods and understand the difference between various statistical tools used in clinical studies.   Questions on this topic should be included on all courses/systems where appropriate.  CPD-1 and clerkship directors will also be contacted to explore additional inclusions of literature analysis into their case discussions.  CPD-1 preceptors should have evidence based medicine topics included on their study guides.  Importance of proper use of evidence-based medicine should also be stressed during orientation and transition courses.

  3. Geriatrics Clerkship Pass/Not Pass (P/F) Grading.  The Committee discussed and approved the plan for Geriatrics to adopt a Pass/Not Pass (PF) grading schema. Geriatrics is to Family Medicine with multiple preceptors assigning grades to students.  The short (2 week) nature of the clerkship as well as the placement of the clerkship in the elective year also make “Pass/Not Pass” ideal for this clerkship. A clear rubric for passing and failing criteria must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee as soon as possible.

  4. Geriatrics Schedule.  The Committee discussed a proposal from Meg Keeley for scheduling Geriatrics for the class of 2015 using a lottery to determine student placement in the Geriatric clerkship.   This two-week clerkship has a mandatory attendance policy so Dr. Keeley proposes that the lottery avoid scheduling students during the interview season, shifting them to 2/9 and 4/4.  The consensus was that this would dilute the experience and increase the number of students In each block to 8-9 and that the later portion of the 2/9-4/4 would overlap with the class of 2016 during the same geriatric rotations.   The Committee suggests that the lottery be held as proposed with the exception of the overlap period for SMD15 and SMD16 but students who do not interview e.g. MSTP, early decision, military students, and anyone who wants to trade into those slots, be encouraged to move their geriatric clerkship experience to the November/December interview period.  This should decrease the stress on the limited resources of Geriatrics and improve the experience for the students.  Don Innes will determine how many students did not take part in the residency interview process last year.  Don Innes will discuss this further with Meg Keeley and Huai Cheng, Geriatric Clerkship director.  

  5. GI System.  A request has been made by the GI system to move one of the GI anatomy sessions to the afternoon of the first truncated week of the system when no CPD activities are scheduled.    The group discussed this proposal and agreed that one student afternoon could be designated for this purpose.  The group discussed how GI managed this last year with fewer days will advise GI System Leaders to monitor content carefully. 

  6. Joint Clerkship meeting 10/23/13.  A Joint Clerkship Meeting is planned for 10/23/13.  The meeting will focus on preparation for the LCME review. Randy Canterbury and Bart Nathan will be invited to speak briefly to the group. 

  7. System/Clerkship Reviews.  System Reviews (MBB, CPD-1, Transition, DX/RX, and Orientation) will be arranged for September/October.   The Clerkship review process will concentrate on the first 6 months of the 2013 Clerkship period.   The process will begin in September and Curriculum subgroup reports reviewed by the Curriculum Committee in late November/ early December 2013 so that timely feedback can be provided to the Clerkship Directors for implementation in 2014 for SMD16. 
    Coordination of the timeline for the Mulholland report and clerkship reviews was considered but was unlikely due to student editors’ time constraints.

  8. Learning Objective Reviews.  Don Innes asked the group to develop a systematic process for annual monitoring and review of the learning objectives; a process for making changes to learning objectives.

Donald Innes