Minutes 06.20.12

Minutes 06.20.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 06/20/12

Kessler Pediatric Library, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Proposed Clerkship Schematic - SMD 2016

    Surgery 12 week block – Draft proposal sent to Clerkship Directors.  Post-discussion with Eugene McGahren – changes will be necessary to the didactic portion of the surgery clerkship – i.e. a blend of recorded and face to face activities, number and types of specialty rotations will remain unchanged.

    Medicine 12 week block – Draft proposal sent to Clerkship Directors.  Don Innes discussed the proposal with Brian Wispelwey.  Members of the group expressed concern about reducing the amount of time devoted to ambulatory care in the Medicine 12 week block believing mentorship with the preceptors is valuable for the students.  Nancy McDaniel noted CPD is working on implementing mentorships that begin in the preclerkship years and continue through the elective year.   

    Several scenarios were discussed:

    6 weeks general medicine, 3 weeks ambulatory internal medicine, 3 weeks acute care; geriatrics a required elective in the fourth year

    6 weeks general medicine, 3 weeks ambulatory internal medicine, 3 weeks acute care with two afternoons of each week devoted to ambulatory internal medicine

    6 weeks of general medicine, 2 weeks ambulatory internal medicine, 2 weeks geriatrics and 2 weeks acute care. 

    The group unanimously supports the first scenario, 6 weeks general medicine, 3 weeks ambulatory medicine and 3 weeks acute care with a required geriatric elective in the fourth year.  This group believes this scenario gives the students enough time with the AIM preceptors.

    A new LCME criteria for those who teach medical students outside the University setting was discussed.   The standard requires either instruction by faculty or supervision by faculty of the non-faculty personnel who teach.    Information regarding current appointments for faculty in AIM and Family Medicine has been requested.

    The group agreed that acute care medicine should be part of the core medical school curriculum.   Whether acute care can handle three-week rotations will be determined.   It was suggested that evening and night shifts might be made available to accommodate all  students in a three week acute care experience.

    This clerkship proposal will be fine tuned and circulated to the Curriculum Committee for approval.

  2. NxtGen Curriculum Policies and Procedures Manual.  The Policies and Procedure manual is in the final stages of revision.  The last portion still being considered is the grading percentages for the systems. Jim Martindale and Casey White are reviewing this part.  A final version of this manual should be available soon.

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.
Debra Reed