Minutes 053013

Minutes 053013

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 05/30/13

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Secretary: Debra Reed

  1. Content Thread Leader Job Description.   The Committee reviewed a draft of the Content Thread Leader job description. The Committee amended it to add “Thread leaders should learn to use X-Credit and review, revise and approve materials in their domain in X-Credit.”  It was noted that there is no meaningful connection between threads and that the Content Thread Leader Committee has not met since February 9, 2011.

    The Thread Leaders Committee will be dissolved as of June 2013 and beginning Fall 2013, Content Thread leaders will be invited to attend selected System Leaders meetings.  Each leader will be invited periodically to address the group for 5-10 minutes on their vision of their individual thread and where the thread is addressed in the curriculum with an emphasis on appropriate material a pre-clerkship medical student needs to know, and when and where the content will be presented.

  2. Leadership of the Preclerkship Committee.  The Preclerkship Committee will hold elections for new leadership in Fall, 2013.

  3. CP-1a,b,c and CPD-2 OSCEs.  Casey White updated the group on progress of the OSCE Committee.  With the help and significant effort of the OSCE (objective structured clinical examination) committee (Nancy McDaniel, James Moak, Andy Wolf, Anne Chapin, Elizabeth Bradley), and with extraordinary assistance and direction from Anne Chapin and the staff of the Clinical Skills Center, they have developed and deployed 2 new OSCEs: one at the end of the Clinical Performance Development (CPD) course, and one at the end of the Medicine clerkship (12 week) block.

    The Medicine OSCE is in place for the Class of 2015 and is a required activity in the Curriculum, however, this year grades for this activity will not be included in the Medicine Clerkship final grade.  The Medicine OSCE will be required in 2014-15 and the grade for the activity will become a MUST Pass part of each student’s final Medicine Clerkship grade (percentages yet to be decided but 10-20% of grade discussed).

    The CPD-1a OSCE will begin for SMD17 in December of 2013. The CPD-1a and CDP-1b OSCEs will be formative exercises. CPD-3c at the end of the preclerkship period will be summative.  The Committee asks that History and Physical skills progress in levels of complexity and difficulty between 1a and 1c.  The Committee asks that the CPD-1 leaders further emphasize H&P skills with more practiced and decreasing the amount of case studies covered as many are covered in the morning active learning sessions.


    For CPD-2 OSCEs, logistics of scheduling multiple clerkships OSCEs at the end of each 12 week block are proving difficult to overcome.

    Developing standards for satisfactory completion of each of the stations on these 2 OSCEs is an important step and is in development.   The grading rubric will need to morph for students participating in the OSCE at the end of their clerkship year as opposed to those participating in the beginning (first 12 weeks). Larry Gruppen, an expert in medical education and in standard setting, will visit UVA on June 8-9, 2013 to help with this task.   Faculty working with the OSCEs in the systems and clerkships are invited to attend sessions with Larry Gruppen on

    ·         Monday, July 8, 7:30-9:00 a.m. in MEB G165 and
    ·         Tuesday, July 9, 12 noon-1:30 p.m. in MEB G165 (lunch will be provided)

    Interested faculty should RSVP to Elizabeth Graham eg4e@eservices.virginia.edu with whether they plan to attend either or both sessions. 

    Remediation methods for all the OSCEs were discussed.  The student mentors in CPD-1 will work with the OSCE Committee to develop a remediation plan for students who do not perform at satisfactory levels in the CDP-1a, b, c OSCEs.  The Medicine Clerkship Director(s) will be involved in developing remediation for those students who do not perform at satisfactory levels on the CDP-2 OSCE. 

  4. CPX.    The Committee discussed the requirement that students MUST take and Pass the CPX exam before taking their USME Step 2CS exam.  Remediation plans for students who do not pass the CPX were discussed as well as recording the student grade for CPX (Pass/Fail) on the student grade card (and student file).

  5. UVA-SOM 2013 Survey of Graduates and Their Residency Directors.  The data from this survey was distributed and briefly discussed, however, due to time constraints will be revisited at a subsequent meeting.

Donald J. Innes, M.D.
Debra Reed