Minutes 05.09.13

Minutes 05.09.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 05/09/13

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden, Secretary: Debra Reed

  1. Cultural Competency Objectives.  After incorporating recommended changes from members of the Curriculum Committee, the amended cultural competency objectives for systems and clerkships developed by Fern Hauck will be distributed to all clerkship leaders.   The cultural competency objectives for systems are to insure that these objectives are covered and assessed in the curriculum.  Some of the objectives will be assessed during the CPD OSCEs. 

    Mary Kate Worden will meet with Nassima Ait-Daoud Tiouririne and Fern Hauck to assess where best to place and assess the Pre-clerkship Cultural Competency learning objectives, e.g. in Cells to Society, Foundations, SIM and CPD-1.

    The SIM director will also be asked to develop an assessment tool for some of the learning objectives covered in SIM. 

  2. Teaching Medical Students in Clerkships.  A summary sheet of helpful instructions for creating narrative student reviews was reviewed.  This document will be distributed to the Clerkship directors who will be asked to distribute it to all their teaching faculty and residents.  The Committee believes this document will be very useful to those writing narrative summaries assessing student performance in the clerkships.  The document will help faculty better assess a student’s proficiency level and highlight those areas that may need further remediation.  Nancy McDaniel will provide a list of words/phrases that faculty might use to enhance their evaluation of students and that will be included with this document.

  3. Thread Leader Letter and Job Description. The Committee discussed and approved the thread leader letter and job description that will be sent to all thread leaders.  It is thought that a clearer delineation of expectations and job duties will encourage more participation by the thread leaders in all systems.

    GI Proposal from Neeral Shah, Anne Tuskey and Sabrina Nunez

    Issues to be addresses:
    Proposed solutions:   

    The Committee discussed this proposal and finds merit in most of the items.  Don Innes will work with the group to discuss implementation of some if not all of the items.   More discussion is needed between Drs. Shah, Tuskey, Nunez and Melanie McCollum of Anatomy, Mo Nadkarni of  SIM and Nancy McDaniel of CPD.  Mary Kate Worden and Bart Nathan of MBB should also be involved as MBB is considering a reduction of scheduled activities.  It was suggested that a number of the lectures in this system be prerecorded, especially those in SIM, thereby freeing valuable morning time for active learning.  It was noted that the length of many of the GI sessions (80-110 minutes) is much longer than those in other systems.  Whether CPD could combine groups on the occasional week to allow off weeks for CPD was discussed. 

  4. Learning Objective Review.  The Curriculum Committee will begin a review of all the learning objectives in courses and systems in 2013. Areas of unnecessary redundancy or items in learning objectives not felt to be needed at the student level of understanding will be pointed out to the system leaders.  The LO’s should define what is required to make a good physician – not specifically what is necessary for standardized examinations.

  5. Update on Mental and Physical Exam in OSCE.  Donna Chen, Nancy McDaniel and Peter Ham have completed work on the checklist for the mental and physical exam in the CPD OSCE.  This will be reviewed at the 5/16/13 Curriculum Committee.

  6. Clinician for MSI leadership.  In the search for an attending to become co-director of the Muskuloskeletal/Integument System, it appears no one available in Physical Medicine/ Rehabilitation to fill the position left vacant by Mary Bryant.   It is suggested that a new faculty member being recruited in Family Medicine and specializing in sports medicine might be an ideal candidate for this position.  This is being explored with Dr. Oliver, Chair of Family Medicine.

  7. Keywords for X-credit. JohnVoss, John Jackson, Sabrina Nunez and Don Innes met recently to evaluate a new “keyword” structure for X-credit.    The Committee reviewed the keyword schema and suggested minor modifications, i.e. under disciplines (GEAPP) consider adding Microbiology, Cell Biology and Histopathology.

Donald J. Innes, M.D.
Debra Reed