Minutes 03.08.12

Minutes 03.08.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Executive Management Group
Minutes – 03/08/12

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair),  Keith Littlewood,  Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey WhiteMary Kate Worden,  Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. USMLE Scores.  The 2012 USMLE Step 1 scores were reviewed.   There appears to be no measurable change from the 2011 Step 1 scores. 

  2. Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies.  The Group reviewed this amended policy that has been modified to improve clarity. The Executive Management Group approved the changes. The policy will next be vetted by University attorneys and then published.  It is hoped that after this revision, the policy will not need further adjustments for several years.  

  3. Cardiovascular (CV) System.  The developing Cardiovascular system schedule for August, 2012 was reviewed.  The System will be using a new book “Pathophysiology of Heart Disease” and leaders are modeling the CV system on this book.    The Group discussed appropriate use of the first few days of the CV system as well the need to include Pharmacology and Pathology components of the CV system. Pre-recorded lectures should be used to support application activities but need to be limited in total time per week.  The introduction of basic EKG and the level of competence required for the pre-clerkship student were discussed. EKGs in the 2011 system were too complex. In general the system continues to over reach – overlooking the basics – offering resident level complexity. Integration of other systems, such as MBB – i.e. syncope TBL, carotid disease, was discussed.  The Group also encouraged team teaching and how it could be best used in this system as well as others.

    The Curriculum Committee outlined the basic model expected for systems e.g.. start with normal anatomy/histology/physiology, progressing to abnormal - pathophysiology/pathology and therapy.  Clinical presentation is integrated with normal and pathophysiology/pathology. This broad plan provides a similar structure for all systems.  

  4. Team Based Learning (TBL).  The Curriculum Executive Management Group agreed that TBL activities should be required of all systems on average of at least once in every two-week period.  Consistency of the TBL policy throughout all the systems is deemed necessary.  A TBL Education Group will be formalized within the Office of Medical Education.  This group would help train faculty in TBLs.  It is expected that faculty would learn the basics of TBL through a course(s) and/or experience under the guidance and supervision of the TBL Education Group. Then after participating successfully in two to three TBLs under supervision, implement and teach one TBL of their own with this group’s assistance.  This policy will be circulated to the Curriculum Committee for final approval in the near future.   


Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.