Minutes 01.05.12

Minutes 01.05.12

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes – 01.05.12

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Chris Burns, Donna Chen, Eugene Corbett, Thomas Gampper, Peter Ham, Donald Innes (Chair), John Jackson, Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Veronica Michaelsen, Mohan Nadkarni, Bart Nathan, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Casey White, Bill WilsonMary Kate Worden, Mary Grace Baker,  Long Vinh, Thomas Jenkins, Sam Zhao,  Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Transition Course.   Nancy McDaniel presented the 2012 Transition Course schedule (2/13/12-2/23/12) developed by Nancy McDaniel, Meg Keeley, Chris Peterson and Darci Lieb for the Class of 2014.  The Curriculum Committee reviewed the schedule.  The students will have a day off on 2/24/11 before their clerkships begin on 2/27.  Dr. McDaniel noted the changes that have occurred since last year were in part based on student evaluations, i.e. the sleep deprivation session has been improved.  Students will also not go to the OR for a scrubbing in session this year.  Dr. McDaniel was asked to make sure Surgery and the Surgery Subs are aware of the change regarding the scrubbing in activity.

  2. Class of 2015 Schedule.  The Committee approved an August 2, 2012 start date for the second session for the Class of 2015.     It will allow a gradual reentry into academic life for “second” year students as well as provide more time for cardio/pulmonary anatomy, especially basic physiology. These two extra days should be kept low key and structured so as to not require large amounts of reading assignments.  This start date change will also allow for the two classes to  meet and mingle on the weekend before classes begin. This will still allow a 10 ½ week summer break for the Class of 2015.

  3. Pulmonary System Leadership.  Jonathan Truwit will be stepping down as Pulmonary System Leader.  He has recommended Dr. Elizabeth Gay for this position in 2012.  The Committee reviewed her CV and will endorse Dr. Truwit’s recommendation of Dr. Gay for this position.  Dr. Truwit will provide mentoring and direct assistance to Dr. Gay in the 2012 Pulmonary System.  It was noted that other junior faculty who led systems in 2011 had a very successful year.  Bob Bloodgood who became a co-leader last year for this system will not be a co-leader in 2012.

  4. System Leader Selection Policy.  Don Innes will work with the  Curriculum Committee to develop a System Leader Selection Policy in the next few months.  This policy will be based on the former course leader selection policy and the clerkship director selection policy.

  5. Clerkship Reviews.    Subgroups of the Curriculum Committee were outlined and asked to review individual clerkships, meet and discuss questions/concerns with the clerkship director(s) and prepare a summary note for discussions at the next Curriculum Committee meeting  on 2/2/12.  Committee members will receive the clerkship reviews completed by the Clerkship Directors and copies of the clerkship passport(s) by e-mail.  

    2011-2012 Clerkship Reviews 

    OBGYN / Family Medicine 
    Gretchen Arnold gvn8r@Virginia.EDU
    Bart Nathan brn3a@Virginia.EDU
    Linda Waggoner-Fountain law4q@Virginia.EDU

    Geriatrics / Perioperative/Acute Care Anesthesiology / Perioperative/Acute Care EM Week
    Donna Chen dtc6k@Virginia.EDU
    Donald Innes dji@virginia.edu
    Nancy McDaniel nlm9m@Virginia.EDU

    Medicine / AIM
    Chris Burns cmb2ue@Virginia.EDU
    Bill Wilson wgw@virginia.edu
    Casey White cw4xz@virginia.edu

    Neurology / Psychiatry
    John Jackson jmj5g@virginia.edu
    Mohan Nadkarni mmn9y@virginia.edu 
    Mary Kate Worden mkw3k@Virginia.EDU

    Robert Bloodgood rab4m@virginia.edu
    Tom Gampper tjg6f@Virginia.EDU
    Keith Littlewood kel2n@Virginia.EDU

    Robert Bloodgood rab4m@virginia.edu
    Megan Bray mjb7c@Virginia.EDU
    Peter Ham ph2t@Virginia.EDU

    The clerkship reviews submitted by the Clerkship Directors provides information on the following topics:
    Patient Care Assignments
    Clinical Skills Education
    Formal Educational Activities
    Correlation with 12 Competencies
    Strengths and Weaknesses
    Teaching Supervision             
        Supporting Documentation:
    ED-2 correlation   

    It was suggested that the current Mulholland report be considered in this review but since it is not available until March it will need to be considered separately.

  6. ACGME/LCME Programs for Improving Resident Teaching Skills. Susan Kirk has developed a set of  “milestones” that incoming residents will be expected to have achieved.  This list will be helpful in creating a clerkship/elective curriculum to meet this level of performance through design of our learning objectives for the clerkships.  The Committee discussed programs available through the ACGME and LCME to help improve resident teaching skills, including the Family Medicine program developed by Lisa Rollins.  Developing an OSCE/CPX for the mid-clerkship period versus including an OSCE/CPX within each clerkship was discussed.

  7. Clerkship Grades.  The Neurology Clerkship is again late submitting their clerkship grades to Student Affairs for this period (due date 12/16/2011).   The Clerkship Director will be contacted to remediate this deficiency. [Note:  The Neurology grades were received on 1/13/12]

  8. Team Based Learning.  Don Innes asks that a TBL-Team be formed of faculty who are well versed in Team Based Learning.  This TBL-Team might include Mary Kate Worden, Melanie McCollum, Chris Burns, Donna Chen and be led by someone from the Office of Medical Education.  The Committee will work with the individual system leadership and faculty to suggest where TBLs are appropriate and assist in design and implementation.  This Committee will be introduced at both the next System and Thread Leader meetings.


Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.