Curriculum Committee Summer Activities 07.23.14

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Curriculum Committee Summer Activities 07.23.14

Curriculum Committee Summer Activities (7/23/14)


  1. The Health Sciences Library has been renovated this summer in order to provide more support to our students and to expand the 24 hour access area.  Gretchen Arnold, the director has been working on a “refresh” of the upper floor of the Library with a particular emphasis on the 24 Hour Study Area.  This project includes new carpet, additional electrical outlets for computers and personal devices, noise canceling technology and new, more comfortable furniture.  The project should be completed by mid-August.  The 24 Hour Study Area has been expanded to encompass about a third of the entire public space of the Library.  It includes 4 large rooms and 5 smaller study rooms.  More Health System EPIC computers have been added so that students and other users can access clinical information.  Since access to the 24 Hour Study Area is limited to individuals with a Health System ID, there will be less competition for this space during busy times.  This should address the concerns expressed over time that our Library space was being used heavily by other students especially during exams.

    Now that students have a comfortable and expansive study area that is oriented to their particular needs, beginning August 2014 the Library will no longer offer extended hours during School of Medicine summative exam times.  This practice started when we did not have a 24 Hour Study Area and prior to the construction of the new Medical Education Building. The 24 Hour Study Area, the Learning Studio and the MEB Auditorium provide students a number of attractive and quiet areas as options for study and taking exams. 

  2. Annual Clerkship Reviews. The annual clerkship review forms have been distributed to be completed by August 15.  This will be a review of the first half of this clerkship year.  (Clerkship Review document attached)

  3. SMD14 Curriculum Schematic

  4. All Curriculum Committee members should make themselves familiar with Script Concordance

  5. Resuscitating Inpatient Clinical Clerkships