CC Minutes 12.09.10

CC Minutes 12.09.10

Curriculum Committee Minutes 12.09.10

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes – 12.09.10

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Troy Buer, Chris Burns, Donna Chen, Eugene Corbett, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Jim Martindale, Veronica Michaelsen, Mohan Nadkarni, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Bill WilsonMary Kate Worden,  John Hemler,  Christina Portal,  Nicole White, Nosheen Reza, Debra Reed (secretary)   

  1. Announcements:

    Emails were sent to Dr. David Geldmacher and Dr. Pam Herrington regarding their late evaluations for the Neurology and Psychiatry clerkships.  They have responded and grades will be immediately forthcoming.

    Curriculum Committee members are reminded that reports to the Curriculum Committee and other materials that are discussed at the Curriculum Committee meetings are for Committee work, and not to be disseminated to people outside the Committee.  Members were also reminded that Curriculum Committee members are chosen from various specialties and departments and that their first duty is to undergraduate medical education.  Duties are delineated by LCME standards.  The Curriculum Committee is not a “representative” body.  Although we are informed by the clinical and research worlds, Curriculum Committee members do not represent specific areas.  Minutes of every meeting are published on the UVA Curriculum website.

    Priscilla Potter, M.D. has been  named the new Neurology Clerkship director by the Department of Neurology.  Dr. Potter’s CV was reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.  She has extensive experience in clerkship direction and medical school administration.  She and Dr. Geldmacher have been working closely to achieve a smooth transition.  The Curriculum Committee supports this nomination. 

    The new policy on Clerkship/Course Director selection was approved by the Dean. The Neurology Clerkship Director was processed prior to the start of the new policy; however, the selection does adhere to the guidelines. [Note added: The Clinical Chairs were informed of this policy December 14, 2010 at a meeting of the Chairs.]

    A email has been sent to all clinical faculty requested applications for a new Cells to Society course director.  Chris Peterson will be stepping down from this position in 2012, however, the Dean’s office would like to appoint someone as an apprentice for the coming year in preparation for taking over in 2012.  The position is funded with .5 FTE for two weeks of the year and support staff is provided.  The Committee briefly discussed appropriate funding models for this and other teaching activities.

  2. LCME Review.  The Committee discussed their role in the upcoming LCME review scheduled for 2014, in particular monitoring the Next Generation Curriculum.   Subgroups of the Curriculum Committee will review the individual systems yearly and then report to the Committee as a whole.  Course Directors will be invited to attend the Curriculum Committee for this report and respond at that time to recommendations of the Subgroup.  Committee members will be notified of their subgroup assignments.

    Objectives for MCM should be available in X-Credit by early January 2011.  Other Spring systems should be available the end of February 2011.

    Clerkship Directors will be asked to delineate clear objectives and review them with all other Clerkship Directors.

    The Committee discussed how to best obtain data from residency programs regarding how well UVA SOM students are prepared for residency.  This is difficult data to obtain because of privacy issues but would be very valuable.

    Hard copies of the LCME standards will be made available to Committee members who would like them.

    Data obtained from LCME Graduate student questionnaire is usually returned to the School of Medicine within 6 months.

Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.