Minutes 05.23.13

Minutes 05.23.13

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
Minutes – 05/23/13

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Peter Ham, Donald Innes, Keith Littlewood, Nancy McDaniel, Bart Nathan, Casey White, Mary Kate Worden

  1. The USMLE-2CK passing score was raised from 189 to 196 effective July 1, 2012.  The committee will review this recommended passing score at their meeting in June 2013—if a change is deemed appropriate, the new recommended minimum passing score will be effective after July 1, 2013. For more information see:

  2. The proposal schedule framework for Musculoskeletal/Gastrointestinal/Mind, Brain & Behavior was accepted.
    Proposed 2014 schedule
  3. Class can be held Wednesday or Thursday of Labor Day week when there is no CPD-1.

  4. The Technical Standards again were reviewed. The voting continues thus far with all approving and one suggesting minor changes. Lesley Thomas and Randy Canterbury have also reviewed them. Learning Needs and Evaluation Center is now the Student Disability Access Center.  Discussion of the cognitive abilities bullet - Communicate effectively and quickly in both oral and written formats – concluded that “effectively” alone was more appropriate, thus  - Communicate effectively in both oral and written formats.
  5. Review of the notes from the May 15 Dean’s Town Meeting with the Class of 2016 found that the student comments were generally positive with material well-balanced within weeks; patients matched with System; wish for more PE repetition; correlate PE videos with OSCE list; CPD readings seem too extensive; questioned “wikipedia-like” handouts; PSs and TBLs – some too difficult/too easy; re exam some complained “not testing on the more difficult” material; questioned time for Human Behavior; questioned path before anatomy; have Worden and McCollum coordinate anatomy… The typed notes from the meeting will be distributed when available. CPD-1 should provide a reading and video list for the “week-at-a-glance.”

  6. The Renal/Cardiovascular/Pulmonary rescheduling has created tension with the need to reposition the cardio-pulmonary anatomy/imaging/histology sessions. 

  7. The “party” atmosphere at end of year classes with beach balls, beanbags and cooking needs to be “contained” with the help of the College Deans.