Minutes 11.02.00

Minutes 11.02.00

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes 11.02.00

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Gene Corbett, Joseph DuBose, (Alexandra Yamshchikov), Joanna Goldberg, Donald Innes (Chair), Jerry Short, Bill Wilson,Guest: Jennifer O'Flaherty Debra Reed (Secretary)

  1. Introduction to Basic Interventional Skills (IBIS) Jennifer O'Flaherty, M.D., Department of Anesthesiology, proposed a course in basic interventional clinical skills for second year medical students. The anesthesiology faculty do not feel students coming into clerkships are presently prepared for these basic skills. This is supported by the Corbett skill assessment survey. These clinical skills would be taught in a required one day course organized and taught by supervising anesthesia faculty and residents.

    Proposed Curriculum:
    a) Mask ventilation techniques and 02 administration
    b) Phlebotomy & intravenous line placement
    c) Arterial puncture and blood gas monitoring
    d) Lumbar puncture

    The course is proposed for a Saturday, although two four-hour evening sessions might be possible. Teaching would be in small groups of 20-25 students for the didactic sessions with 7-8 students per instructor for the hands-on instruction. Skill practice subjects would include student colleagues and simulators where appropriate.

    Timing of such a course was discussed. If the course is scheduled too early in second year, skills may be lost from lack of use. Ideally, the course should be scheduled later in June, just prior to the students beginning their clerkships.

    The proposal also includes a cost estimate of $20,000 for the first year to cover stipends and equipment.

    The Committee asked that the proposal be presented to the Clinical Medicine Committee and to the Principles of Medicine Committee for consideration.

    The PoM-2 Design Group will also be asked to consider inclusion of some skills as proposed here and skills currently taught in the Basic Patient Care Skills course.

    An e-mail from the Mulholland Society president, Joseph Dubose, enthusiastically supporting the need for IBIS was distributed.

  2. Clerkship Passports Drafts of the Family Medicine and Internal Medicine clerkship passports were distributed to the Committee. It was suggested that both a thyroid examination and a psychiatric or screen for depression item might be added to both. Members were asked to address their suggestions to Bill Wilson at wgw@virginia.edu.

  3. PoM-2 Design Group The committee discussed the membership and goals of this committee. Ms. Yamshchikov was asked to locate first, second and fourth year students to serve on this design team. The first meeting of the will be arranged for mid November, with a preliminary report to the Curriculum Committee in January and concrete plans by March. A retreat for the second year courses to enhance integration should be planned for late January or early February.

  4. Clinical Connection - 11/6/00 The Clinical Connection scheduled for 11/6/00 was distributed. Changes were made based on comments from the first clinical connection, e.g. a later start time (8:00 a.m.). This session is completely self contained with no prior work required. Reid Adams will be asked to and update the Committee November 16 on the Clinical Connections program.

  5. Grading Issues Al Connors will organize a subcommittee to look into the current grading system for all four years at the School of Medicine. Anita Clayton, Michael Rein and Howard Kutchai have indicated a willingness to serve.

  6. The Curriculum Self-Assessment form will be implemented beginning January 2001. All courses will be required to complete the evaluation for course year 2000-01.
    Tentative dates:
    January 22 deadline for course evaluations (Anatomy,C&T,Biochem,Micro)]
    February 1st -- review of C&T
    February 8th -- review of Anatomy
    February 15th -- review of Biochemistry
    March 1st -- review of Micro


-Don Innes