Minutes 10.12.06

Minutes 10.12.06

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve BargmannDaniel Becker, Robert BloodgoodGene CorbettWendy Golden, Jennifer Harvey, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill WilsonDevin Mackay, Kavita  SharmaDebra Reed (secretary)  Guests: Darci Lieb, Brian Wispelwey

  1. LCME Site Visit.  The LCME site visit (October 8-11) is now complete.  The visit seems to have gone quite well.  The team was impressed with the collegiality at UVA.  Deans Garson and Pearson extend their gratitude to all on the Curriculum Committee for their help in getting ready for this important visit.  A preliminary LCME team response should arrive in 3-4 weeks with the full report arriving in February 2007.

  2. H&P Preceptors for PoM2.  In discussing the quality of teaching mentors with various classmates and even one of the course directors, Devin Mackay noted that there is considerable disparity in the quality of teaching from mentors for the H&P program (3 H&Ps with writeups done by 2nd year students before Winter Break) during the PoM2 course.  The difference appears to be in their willingness to teach. Apparently, some mentors are required to participate in this program, and some of those mentors who are required are not always the greatest teachers. The quality of so many small groups and programs like the H&P program is heavily dependent on the quality of the mentor and their passion and ability to teach.

    The question was raised as to whether it's possible to only have mentors that express a desire to teach (volunteer basis) for the H&P program.  Can volunteers be provided with incentives? Can volunteers not be penalized? Is there a way to establish an incentive for the "required" mentors to be more enthusiastic about teaching (for example, can teaching be made a more substantial factor for promotion)? 

    Brian Wispelwey, PoM2 Course Director, and Darci Lieb, PoM2 Course Coordinator, discussed their concerns about recruitment for this valuable program.  All members of the Internal Medicine faculty are required to act as one-on-one mentors for this H&P program.  Apparently some are not required to participate such as those who are 100% research faculty and see no patients, those who are on sabbatical or those whose practices are too far away from the University campus.  PoM2 also employs some volunteers from the Departments of Family Practice, Pediatrics, Student Health and Emergency Medicine.  Every year, some mentors are not asked to participate due to poor evaluations.  The Curriculum Committee discussed how best to ensure that this is a positive experience for all students. Enhanced faculty development for teaching, faculty compensation for teaching, and accountability in P&T venues.  Department distribution of UME teaching monies should be open and accountable to department faculty and the Dean's office. Each department seems to have it's own method of allocating the education funds from the School of Medicine.
  3. Dean Garson will attend the Curriculum Committee meeting on 10/19/06.  Members were asked to forward agenda suggestions to Don Innes for this meeting.

Donald Innes