Minutes 10.05.06

Minutes 10.05.06

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve BargmannDaniel Becker, Robert BloodgoodGene CorbettWendy Golden, Jennifer Harvey, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill WilsonDevin Mackay, Kavita  SharmaDebra Reed (secretary)

  1. The Curriculum Committee welcomed the newest addition to the Committee, Dr. Wendy Golden.

  2. Annual Course Reviews. The Principles of Medicine Committee will review the annual course reviews in November and provide a summary report to the Curriculum Committee by November 30 for December discussion and action if needed.   Bob Bloodgood reported that every course has learning objectives aligned with the Competencies set forth by the Curriculum Committee.  Nancy Payne has found these objectives helpful in development of a curriculum for Professionalism.  

  3. Clinical Skills Education program.   Michael Rein has reported that the program is going well and the early student comments have been very positive.  The Committee will ask Dr. Rein for a brief progress summary and to provide any evaluation data that has been collected.

  4. Clerkship evaluations.   All Clerkship evaluations have been submitted on time since the last period of 05-06.   At the end of the first period of 06-07, Clerkships experienced multiple problems with a new version of Oasis.  These problems appear to be solved.  Early data from the shelf examinations in Psychiatric Medicine and OB/GYN reveals little change in grades with the new clerkship schedule.  The Committee will monitor further improvement of the narrative portion of the clerkship evaluation. See 2006 clerkship report.

  5. Due date for Clerkships in Color.  Bill Wilson agreed that the Clinical Medicine Committee would begin work on this as soon as the LCME site visit is completed. Clerkships in Color should be completed for Curriculum Committee review in December 2006.  Skills/topics from the Step 2 exam will be used as a basis for this report.

  6. Medical Neuroscience 2007.  New Course Director, Mary Kate Worden, has developed a new schedule for the 2007 Med Neuro course with the goal of improving the last section of the course and integrating information delivered by different lecturers.  She has reordered part of the course schedule, redistributed lecture time between topics and replaced some lectures.  She is working with the new clinical course director from the Neurology Department, Myla Goldman, to ensure all clinical cases are integrated with subject matter in the course lectures.  All notes will now be distributed in advance.  She has not required standardization of notes at this time, but will review feedback on the 2007 course and consider this in future years.

  7. Lynda Fanning, MA, MPH, RD, Clinical Nutrition Manager for the University of Virginia Health System approached Dr. Innes about the place of nutrition in the medical school curriculum. While nutrition is covered at multiple points in the curriculum [David Hall thesis, School of Medicine, Class of 2006], coordination between the nutritional curricular activities is needed. Lynda has agreed to organize a group of educators involved in nutrition education to assess the current nutritional educational activities in years 1-4 of the School of Medicine curriculum; assess the adequacy of these activities, and propose action if needed.

  8. October 25 Joint Clerkship Meeting.    There will be a Joint Clerkship Meeting at the Salem Veterans Administration Hospital on October 25, 2006.   Agenda items include an Oasis workshop, developing narrative evaluations, a session on Clinical Skills Workshop Teaching & Learning, and updates from Salem and Roanoke. 

  9. Agenda for October/November meetings.  On October 12, a discussion of H&P teaching mentors and an early recap of the LCME visit. [Nutrition in the curriculum will be discussed when the Nutrition group completes their report].   On October 19, Dean Garson will attend the Curriculum Meeting.  The Curriculum Committee will discuss the article, NEngJMed:  American Medical Education 100 Years after the Flexner Report,  http://content.nejm.org/cgi/content/full/355/13/1339 at the October 19 and November 2 meetings.   Socio-economic, professionalism and behavior, cultural competence, and ethics issues and the Exploratory will be discussed.  Discussion will center on recently instituted programs, e.g. Cells to Society, and whether curriculum goals are being met through these programs.

  10. Meeting with First Year Class.  Don Innes and Jerry Short met with approximately 60 students from the first year class on 10/3/06. Comments as a whole were very positive.  Students commented that the alcohol abuse topic in POM1 was especially well done and this format should be the model for other topics.  The students had a few issues with the Biochemistry course and the mandatory Medical Center Hour sessions. The complete notes are attached.

Donald Innes