Minutes 09.02.04

Minutes 09.02.04


Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                        

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Eve BargmannRobert BloodgoodAnita ClaytonGene Corbett, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda WatsonBill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Nnaemeka Anyadike, Michael Richardson, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Don Innes welcomed the Committee members to the first meeting of 04-05.  Dr. Marcus Martin was welcomed as the newest member of the committee.  Don Innes expressed gratitude for the valuable services of Drs. Vern Juel and Carl Creutz to the committee and regret that they will no longer be serving on the committee. 

  2. Cells to Society.  Chris Peterson was congratulated for directing an exciting and successful course. She updated the committee on the August 17-20 Cells to Society program. Early evaluation data indicates that the course was a positive experience for the students.  They appreciated the “gentle” introduction into medical school which helped to diffuse anxiety -    “cooperation not competition” being a primary theme.  Chris Peterson will present the formal evaluation data at the September 23 meeting of the Committee. Student and faculty suggestions will be considered in planning next year’s program.   One possible area of development will be incorporation of Cells to Society thematic material into first and second year courses.  Students will further evaluate the Cells to Society program following completion of the first semester. 

  3. Praise and Concern Cards.  The Praise and Concern cards are on the web and are being used by faculty.  Most of the responses received in Student Affairs have been “Praise” with few “Concerns” being noted.   Roanoke and Salem clerkships are using the cards.   

  4. Biochemistry and Pathology Coordination.  Joel Hockensmith and Don Innes plan to adjust the Biochemistry and Pathology courses, shifting some of the information now taught in Biochemistry to Pathology and introducing nutrition and coagulation in the Biochemistry course.

  5. Jordan Hall Teaching Laboratory Partition. Another partition will be installed in the Jordan Hall 2-6 to allow for a total of 7 small group rooms in the second floor laboratories.  Installation date is being negotiated.

  6. Ethics Rounds Pilot Program.   Drs. M. Rein and W. Davis have begun “ethics rounds” in the Medicine clerkship.  The rounds were well received by both faculty and students with students sharing their own “cases” in the second session. 

  7. Professionalism:  Humanism and the concept of Healer’s Art . Don Innes met with Julie Connelly and Marcia Childress to discuss the Healer’s Art program and the need to expand the themes of Healer’s Art into a program (Exploratory) to reach all students. Marcia Childress and Julie Connelly were asked to develop a formal proposal with the goal of achieving outcomes similar to the Healer's Art pilot, e.g. “Reminds me of why I came to medical school” and present it to the Committee early this fall, although both Julie and Marcia felt that, although welcoming the opportunity, a "formal proposal" would not be possible in this time frame as the HIM review had yet to be completed. Such a humanities program would aid in the development of professionalism.  

    Expectat ions:

    - years 1 & 2: 6-9 sessions that accomplish “the Healer’s Art” w/ goal that 141 students say “I get it!”

    - year 3: Clinical Reflections (same but different format); goal = 141 saying “I got it” or “I still have it”.  In every clerkship, a reflections/ethics piece for 3rd year students [consider the role/participation of residents, fellows, faculty]
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  8. Student Reaction to USMLE 2CS.  Jerry Short reported that while not many students have taken 2CS at the present time, those who have taken the exam are reporting that the exam seems no more difficult than our own CPX exams.  Students do comment on being a little less prepared for talking to the patient about differential diagnosis, further testing and treatment plans.  PoM1 and PoM2 are actively working on including this in their cases and will also be stressed on the CPX.

  9. Clinical Skills Assessment Project.   Eugene Corbett updated the Committee on the progress of the program in the second year of a three-year grant.  A clinical skills assessment examination (8 specific skills) has been developed with implementation in December ‘04 and April ‘05 for ~75% of third year students.   Eleven developmental sessions were held last year during the clerkships and will be expanded in 04-05.   A Clinical Skills website is under development.

  10. Clinical Skills Educator.  Brian Wispelwey, Eve Bargman and John Gazewood have developed the “official” UVA physical examination to be used in PoM1 and PoM2.  Brian Wispelwey, Gene Corbett and Michael Rein will continue work on the CSE proposal to institute Clinical Skills Educator positions at UVA for July 2005. The completed and approved proposal will be needed for the January/February ’05 budget process.

  11. Neurology Clerkship Director.  Dr. Joel Shenker is welcomed as the new director of the Neurology Clerkship.  

  12. Goals for 04-05
  • Cells to Society Curriculum.    Members were asked to review the latest version of Cells to Society Curriculum sent to them via e-mail and return comments to DJI.   Following further discussion and editing this will be distribution to students and faculty. [September 9th]
  • Review of Cells to Society Introduction [September 23rd]
  • LCME - preparing for 2006 - Greg Hayden [October 7th]
  • Clinical Skills Educator development for pilot in Medicine starting July '05
  • Clerkship/Selective/Elective programs for 2005 – 2009 – development of additional 2-week electives; managing the transition to the new curriculum;
  • Projecting 5-10+ years - curriculum and planning the new education building, e.g.    anatomy use of cadavers - lab space; C&TS/Pathol use of microscopes - lab/smgrp design
  • Simulation in UME - M Martin
  • Funding Curricular Change - RD Pearson/J Scott
  • Information Management/Critical Thinking – Results of student skill level survey; progressive incorporation of IM skills into the four-year curriculum
  • Clinical Connection sessions – required sessions and coordination with clerkships
  • P/F practical and philosophic questions

The next meeting is September 9th for review of the curriculum document. Please send suggestions in advance – e-mail, fax 243-5930 or hand-deliver. Thank you, to those who have already responded. An updated version will be sent out before next weeks meeting with suggestions/changes marked.

Don Innes/dmr