Minutes 08.30.00

Minutes 08.30.00

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes 08.30.00

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Gene Corbett , Joseph Dubose, Joanna Goldberg, Donald Innes (Chair), Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Debra Reed (Secretary)
University of Virginia

  1. Review of summer events

    a) PoM - The PoM course is off to a good start. Comments from students and faculty have been positive.

    b) Teaching Space - When/if the purchase of the Genesis building is completed, allocation for temporary teaching space for the Medical School will be requested. The Genesis space would help alleviate room scheduling difficulties until a new education building is constructed. The new medical education building has now been listed (#4) on the University Construction Planning Project List.

    c) BOV meeting - Dean Carey will be giving a presentation on medical education to the Board of Visitors in September.

    d) Clinical Connections pilot - Reid Adams updated the Committee on the first Clinical Connections program to be held on 9/25/00. A copy of the Clinical Connections overview, proposed budget, initial letter to the students, introduction and instructions, 9/25/00 agenda, and case studies was distributed. The case presentation material will be sent to the students approximately two weeks prior to the program, giving the students time to discuss the cases among their groups (either by phone or e-mail) and be prepared to discuss the case at the beginning of the Clinical Connections program.

  2. Committee member opening - Please e-mail dji@virginia.edu with names of candidates to fill the vacant position on the Curriculum Committee. Candidates should be faculty with a strong interest in medical education.

  3. Fall Agenda

    a) Course evaluation form for use in Fall 2000 - Drs. Bloodgood, Innes, and Short are preparing a course evaluation format and will present this to the Committee within the month.

    b) PoM-2 - Planning must take place to ensure a smooth and educationally sound progression from PoM-1 into and throughout PoM-2 (ICM). Brian Wispelwey, working closely with John Gazewood, Eve Bargmann and this committee will be key to this further development of the curriculum.

    c) Clinical medicine year 3/4 options - The Curriculum Committee must assess the 3rd and 4th years of medical school (now the "clinical" and "elective" years). The Clinical Medicine Committee will be asked to define the knowledge, skill and attitudinal expectations for the clerkships and electives. The Curriculum and Clinical Medicine committees will then assess the degree with which we currently meet these expectations and based on this assessment, determine what action needs to be taken.

    The Electives Board, represented on the Clinical Medicine Committee by Dr. Margaret Mohrmann, began preliminary studies of the electives program this summer and will report to us next week.

    The documents Competencies Required of the Contemporary Physician, Guidelines for Curriculum Development, Expectations for the Curriculum, and Criteria For Curricular Design, Implementation and Evaluation will be distributed to all course directors. The directors will be asked to provide these guides to the educational effort to their faculty.

    d) Planning must begin for the "Exploratory" program with possible pilot implementation in 2001-2002 with full program in 2002-2003.

  4. Clerkship Calendar - A draft of the 2001-02 clerkship calendar was distributed to the Committee.
    Class 2003 Year 3 (2001-2002) *** DRAFT ***

    Career Day Tuesday, June 26, 2001
    Basic Patient Care Skills Wednesday June 27 - Thursday June 28, 2001
    Make up MIS training Friday, June 29, 2001.
    Period 1 July 2, 2001 - September 22, 2001
    Period 2 September 24, 2001 - December 22, 2001
    Period 3 January 7, 2002 - March 30, 2002
    Period 4 April 8, 2002 - June 29, 2002
This schedule allows for a week off at Thanksgiving, a Winter holiday of two weeks and a Spring holiday of 1 week. 

**** The September 7th meeting will be devoted to Electives. Margaret Mohrmann, Electives Director, will present an overview and assessment of the electives program. She will also discuss recommendations from the Electives Board.

-Don Innes