Summer 06 Update

Summer 06 Update

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee Summer Update 07/27/06

Voting (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve Bargmann Daniel Becker, Robert Bloodgood Gene Corbett, John Gazewood, Jennifer Harvey, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson Devin Mackay, Kavita  Sharma,  Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Dr. Peter S. Ham was nominated by Dr. Sim Galazka, Chair of Family Medicine, to be the new co-director of the Family Medicine clerkship. Dr. Anne Mounsey, current co-director will continue as co-director. Dr. Ham's CV was distributed by email and an email vote taken. The committee overwhelmingly approved  of Dr. Ham as new co-director of the Family Medicine Clerkship.

  2. Dr. Walter S. Davis was nominated for co-director of the PoM-1 course. Dr. John Gazewood will continue in his current position as co-director of the PoM-1. Dr. Davis has been engaged with PoM-1 from the beginning, and already plays a significant role in the ethics curriculum and on the course committee, and is able to start now. Dr. Davis' CV was distributed by email and an email vote taken. The committee unanimously approved of Dr. Davis as new co-director of the PoM-1 course.

  3. A letter has been sent to Neuroscience offering assistance in their endeavor to improve the Neuroscience course.

  4. The Content Review of Foundations and Core Systems courses (Color Content Review) is attached. This is based on the content outline for USMLE-Step 1. A few items are apparently not covered by any course; however, this may be a misunderstanding of definition. The Principles of Medicine Committee will be asked to review these apparent "gaps".

  5. Annual Course Reviews have been received from nearly all courses and will be distributed to Curriculum Committee members for review. Questions include:

    Are the course objectives congruent with the educational objectives known as the Competencies Expected of the UVA Educated Physician? Please attach a copy of your current course objectives.  http://www.healthsystem.virginia.educompetencies-page

    What changes were implemented during the current version of the course?  Note any changes in the stated objectives and in the methods of pedagogy utilized.

    Were there any notable problems or successes that occurred during this year's course?

    Were there any particular themes within the comments from the student t evaluations? 

    Have the nature of the evaluation comments changed from the previous year?

    Have you identified any omissions or unwanted redundancies in course content or process?

    What changes in the course are being planned for the next year? How will these changes affect the content and student workload?

Donald Innes