Minutes 06.29.00

Minutes 06.29.00

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes 06.29.00

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Gene Corbett , Joseph Dubose, Joanna Goldberg, Donald Innes (Chair), Steven Meixel, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Debra Reed (Secretary)

  1. Liaison Program for Year 1 and 2 - A list of the nominees for the liaison positions will be e-mailed to the Curriculum Committee. A letter will be sent to the nominees inviting them to participate in the programs.

  2. CPX results - The Committee recommended 1) that students receiving a "unsatisfactory" grade (scoring below 1SD on four or more cases) for the CPX exercises should review their video tapes with a faculty mentor (one of the CPX Advisory Group) to analyze their performance and determine what went wrong and 2) that the CPX Advisory Board then recommend a course of remediation to bring the students up to an acceptable level of competency.

    The Clinical Medicine Committee is asked to review data from the CPX to determine whether those skills identified as deficiencies are adequately taught and to formulate methods of skill reinforcement for the clerkships if necessary.

  3. Transition Course - Tina Brashears, Director of the Transition Course, has proposed that the course be moved to the week immediately following final exams for the 2001 year. Alternative proposals will be developed.

  4. Classroom Space Issues - Small group space within the School of Medicine is at a premium. Lack of classroom space should not be the determining factor for curriculum revision, however, until other space can be obtained, it is a factor.

  5. Mulholland Society - Noon Hour Program Proposals - Joey DuBose, Mulholland President, was asked to draft a letter to Departments requesting that they sponsor a luncheon (one department per month) to give students an opportunity to meet their faculty members and interact in an informal setting.

  6. AAMC - Recently Adopted Standards - The Committee reviewed these recently adopted AAMC standards.

    1. A) Standard on evaluation of educational program effectiveness Educational Program for the M.D. Degree (Design and Management)...Redundancies and deficiencies in the curriculum identified by the evaluations should be corrected. In the assessment of program quality by multiple measures, schools should consider student evaluations of their courses and teachers, as well as other indicators such as data on student performance, academic progress and program completion rates, acceptance into residency programs, postgraduate performance, licensure of graduates, and emerging measures that may prove to be valid.

      B) Standard on cultural diversity Educational Program for the M.D. Degree (Content) ...These principles are essential if the physician is to gain and maintain the trust and respect of patients, colleagues, and the community. The faculty and students must demonstrate an understanding of the manner in which people of diverse cultures and belief systems perceive health and illness and respond to various symptoms, diseases, and treatments. Medical students should learn to recognize and appropriately address gender and cultural biases in health care delivery, while considering first the health of the patient.

      C) Standard on end-of-life care Educational Program for the M.D. Degree (Content) Clinical education programs involving patients should include disciplines such as family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and surgery. Schools that do not require clinical experience in one or another of these disciplines must ensure that their students possess the knowledge and clinical abilities to enter any field of graduate medical education. Clinical instruction should cover all organ systems, and must include the important aspects of preventive, acute, chronic, continuing, rehabilitative, and end-of-life care.

 The Curriculum Committee (Thursday, 4:00 pm) meetings will begin again late in August.  

-Don Innes