Minutes 06.16.05

Minutes 06.16.05

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                        

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Eve BargmannRobert Bloodgood,  Anita Clayton,  Gene Corbett, John Gazewood, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda WatsonBill Wilson (Acting Chair), Brian Wispelwey, Michael Richardson, Sixtine Valdelievre,  Debra Reed (secretary) 

  1. Approval of David Geldmacher.  The Committee approved  David  S.  Geldmacher, M.D. as the new Director of the Neurology Clerkship.  Dr. Geldmacher’s CV was reviewed at a previous meeting in May.

  2. 05-06 First Year Schedule.  (Bob Bloodgood).  In order to accommodate the MSTP schedule conflicts in the Thanksgiving to Christmas period and to lighten the load during that period for MSTP students, we have reorganized the entire med student schedule from Thanksgiving to April and have moved one med course (Physiology/CTS course) out of the Thanksgiving to Christmas period. Physiology/CTS will now start only after Christmas.  This is one less medical school course that the MSTP students will need to take during the Thanksgiving to Christmas period, leaving them to take just Medical and Molecular Genetics and PoM1 for med courses during this period (along with their grad courses).  Moving Physiology/CTS out of the Thanksgiving to Christmas time period frees up enough time so that we do NOT have to schedule any medical school material during the time slots that the graduate Biochemistry course meets in the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas, thus eliminating the last of the schedule conflicts between the MSTP and grad curricula during the August to Christmas period.
  3. The Committee thanked Linda Watson, Emeka Anyadike, and Michael Richardson, all of whom will be leaving the committee, for their valuable service.

  4. Clinical Skills Educator Project (Michael Rein) Dr. Rein explained the structure of the CSE pilot. 

    2-3 students, twice/week
    Present cases/find cases
    Presenting student demonstrates physical findings
    Chart: EKG, CXR, ‘Lytes, etc.
    Review of notes (not done in pilot)
    No direct link to grade, but narrative evaluation received
    May want to use as part of grade given decreased time for contact with students.
    Definition of relative value in grading structure

    The program was well-received by the students and faculty.  Dr. Rein believes it will be of great help in preparing the students for ED2. Students were asked to provide feedback through a questionnaire but unfortunately not all surveys were returned.  Those that were returned were positive. 

    Ideally, there should be two students per faculty member. This number is less tiring to patients and gives students more individual time on physical exam skills. 

    Dr. Rein agrees there is a need for a curricular outline.  It would provide equivalence across sites, equivalence across faculty and a basis for a faculty training program. 

    The Curriculum Committee would like to see this program in place by June, 05, for the general medicine students.  To accomplish this, at least 4 faculty per block will need to be recruited. Dr. Rein confirmed it may take somewhat longer than a month to assemble, train, and schedule the faculty.  The Committee agreed with Dr. Rein that the Clinical Skills Educators should be carefully chosen by the respective Clerkship Directors.  The mentors should be senior faculty who are more familiar with physical examination skills, have a demonstrated  interest/commitment to teaching  medical students, and be willing to undergo validation of their skills through peer review.  Faculty development will be necessary to assure a consistent experience for all students.

    Providing an equivalent experience outside of UVA is also an issue.   Nearly one third of the students next year (05-06) will not be doing their Internal Medicine clerkship here at UVA.   Dr. Rein will meet with the faculty at Roanoke and Salem in the next month to discuss this.

    Evaluation of the program will be accomplished by

    Historical controls (not ideal, but probably the best we have)

    CCED program: standardized patients could be designed to emphasize skills covered in CSE

    Performance on CPX

    Performance on CS

    Possibly a written type of summary from the students such as in PoM2, which would be graded

    The Curriculum Committee heartily endorses this program and asks that it be developed for the entire 05-06 class.

  5. Access to Health Sciences Library resources from Roanoke and Salem VA.   Linda Watson reported that students at Roanoke and Salem are having difficulties gaining access to UVA Library  resources at these outside institutions.  In order for a student to have access to UVA Library/computer resources, they must use a proxy account.   Due to security issues, the computer systems at these institutions will not allow proxy account access.  The Health Science Library team is working on finding a solution for this. To insure an equivalent experience for all students, library/computer access should be available at all sites.

  6. Cells to Society Update.  (Chris Peterson)  Dr. Peterson needs to recruit one more basic science faculty member for this year’s Cells to Society program.   She asked Bob Bloodgood to provide assistance in filling this opening if possible. 

    Dr. Peterson has also received a request from a Professor at Case Western Reserve who would like to observe the Cells to Society Program this year.  He would also be available to lecture if this would work with the curriculum.  She will explore this further.

The next meeting of the Curriculum Committee will be Thursday, August 25, 3005 .

William Wilson, M.D.