Minutes 06.14.07

Minutes 06.14.07

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve BargmannDaniel Becker, Robert BloodgoodGene Corbett,  Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson,   Brad Bradenham, Emily ClarkeDebra Reed (secretary)   

  1. Electives/Selectives Evaluations On-Line. Online course and faculty evaluations are now in place for all selectives. Elective/faculty and student evaluations are available on-line for the most heavily selected electives, e.g. radiology. It is expected that the Mulholland Report be expanded to include selectives and electives.

  2. Student Medical Education Committee (SMEC). Brad Bradenham reported that a group of medical students is reviving the SMEC committee.  They have developed a website forum for student input.   http://vmed.freeforums.org/index.php Student input will be filtered through a moderator (class or medical education committee representative) and passed on to the appropriate committee, e.g. Principles of Medicine, Clinical Medicine or Curriculum Committee.   SMEC representatives will meet periodically to discuss both issues raised on the web forum as well as other relevant issues.  Students would like to see more feedback from the faculty/course directors after the end of year evaluations have been completed.    Timely feedback from students to the Curriculum Committee is needed.  While the Mulholland report is thorough and comprehensive, the time needed to publish the report means changes cannot be made to the clerkships in response to the report for 2-3 years.  On the other hand, while the Mulholland report is both data driven and anecdotal, the forums would be entirely anecdotal.   Faculty will have access to these online forums but will not be responsible for monitoring or responding to issues their unless contacted by the student moderator.  The members of SMEC would like to encourage a Student Advisory Committee (SAC) for each course including courses such as Cells to Society, DxRx., and Clinical Connections. The Curriculum Committee asks that questions posed on the forums be carefully developed to solicit positive feedback as well as student concerns.  The Curriculum Committee welcomes input from the student population and appreciates the efforts of the SMEC reorganization team.

  3. Student Request for History of Medicine/Diversity Curriculum.  Recently, a student, Tim Frazier, made a request that more history of medicine especially in regard to minority contributions be included in the curriculum.  The Committee discussed this issue on April 5, 2007, and noted time constraints on first and second year courses, faculty who are unaware of ethnic or racial origin of contributors to medicine and the complicated issue of pointing out these issues in class make interjection into the current lecture scheme difficult.    Marcus Martin agreed to help Tim Frazier or other interested students to develop a website that would be populated with contributions to medicine by minorities to which faculty could be directed when preparing their lectures. It was suggested that a thorough search of what is available on line at other institutions be made. Including more minority contributions in the History of Medicine elective should be explored.  The Health Sciences Library is a great asset for developing this website. Gretchen Arnold has expressed an interest in helping with the development of the website. Interested students could "create" a fourth year elective providing time to work on this project.

  4. Anatomy in the Medical School Curriculum.  A letter from Melanie McCollum regarding the future of the Gross and Developmental Anatomy in the new curriculum as well as an article entitled "Should be Continue Teaching Anatomy by Dissection When...? (The Anatomical Record (Part 8: New Anat) 289B:215-218, 2006 were distributed to the Committee members.  The Committee was asked to read this information and be prepared to discuss this at the next meeting in early September.

  5. Members of the Curriculum Committee were asked to e-mail agenda items for the 07-08 Curriculum Committee to Don Innes dji@virginia.edu.

Donald Innes