Minutes 05.26.05

Minutes 05.26.05

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.  

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Eve BargmannRobert Bloodgood,  Anita Clayton,  Gene Corbett, John Gazewood, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda WatsonBill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Nnaemeka Anyadike, Michael Richardson, Sixtine Valdelievre,  Debra Reed (secretary) 

  1. LCME accreditation schedule.

    The LCME accreditation schedule was reviewed.

    Overall Schedule for Steering Committee,
    Task Force, and Committees
    Preliminary Schedule (Last Revised  5-15-05 )
    Additional Revisions Pending

    May 1 – Sept 1, 2005    Education Database completed as much as possible 
    July/August  Committee chairs meet with Dean, receive charge, begin planning
    Sept 12, 2005 Inaugural meeting of Task Force; Dean charges TF
    Kick-off Reception for SOM’s LCME effort
    Sept 12  / 23, 2005  Committees and subcommittees hold initial meetings, begin work
    Educational Database due to committees & Task Force
    Oct 21, 2005 Subcommittee reports due to committees
    Committees begin series of meetings to discuss and revise each subcommittee report in turn; subcommittees prepare additional information as needed
    Nov 1, 2005  Task Force Meeting for interim status update from committees
    Nov 1 ~ Dec 1, 2005 Committees write reports
    Dec 1, 2005 Committee reports due to Task Force
    Jan 1, 2006Mar 16, 2006    Task Force holds meetings to review and revise each committee report in turn; committees prepare additional information as needed
    Task Force writes 1st draft of Task Force Report, circulates for comment
    March 1 – April 1, 2006 Task Force revises 1st draft of report
    Mar 1 – Jun 1, 2006    Updates added to Educational Database as available
    April 1, 2006

    Task Force’s Final Report due to Steering  Committee
    Steering Committee reviews Final Report; Task Force prepares additional information as needed
    Steering Committee begins Executive Summary

    April 1 – May 1, 2006 Educational Database reviewed for updating
    May 1, 2006    Executive Summary 1st draft due to Steering  Committee 
    May 1 – Jun 1, 20006

    Steering Committee circulates 1st draft for comment and revision; revises and edits draft
    Steering Committee decides on composition of final documents to be submitted
    Updates added to Educational Database; database proofed, reproduced, prepared for submission

    Jun 1, 2006    Educational Database due to LCME
    LCME Report and Executive Summary:  special attachments, tables, appendices, etc., created  
    Jun 1 – 15, 2006     LCME Report and Executive Summary:  special appendices, attachments, etc., created
    Executive Summary edited, put into final form
    Jun 15 – 30, 2006    All documents proofed, reproduced, and assembled for submission
     * * July 1, 2006 * *   Self Study Materials due to LCME and Site Survey Team
     * * Oct 8-11, 2006 * *   LCME Site Survey Team Visits School of Medicine

  2. Patient Clinical encounter Program. Additional avenues are continuing to be explored to patient encounters for students in the second half of the first year and the fall of the second year.

  3. MSTP resolution

    Graduate “Cell” has been moved to afternoon sessions so as to not interfere with the morning Medical classes. Medical Biochemistry and Graduate Biochemistry have been arranged so as to occur at the same time thus avoiding conflict from the start of the medical academic year through Thanksgiving.  The 3-week period following Thanksgiving is complex and crowded especially for the MSTP student with 5 sessions (10 hours) of Genetics concurrent with Grad Biochem.  The group favored laving the conflict while recognizing the increased workload on the MSTP students. In the course of the discussion it was revealed that an additional time was made available in the Winter/Spring semester and a proposal made to add the time to the summer period for vacation or research.

    [When writing these notes it was realized that this plan will not work as it would push the beginning of the Systems course for the Class of ’09 into the last week of the end of the second year of the Class of ’08. This together with the tacit agreement with Dean Kedes to “solve” the Biochemistry problem in turn for his solving the Grad Cell issues by moving Grad cell to the afternoon (a huge change), it seems we should look again at better using the additional time in the Winter/Spring to solve the MSTP problem and decompress the three week Genetics course for the medical students.

    An option is to move the ~15 hours of Physiology/Cell & Tissue completely into the newly discovered time in the Winter/Spring. Thus I have asked Drs. Kutchai and Bloodgood as co-directors of the Physiology/Cell & Tissue course to explore this and construct a schedule to accomplish this goal with the assistance of the other Winter/Spring course directors (Neuroscience, Human Behavior, and PoM-1. 05.28.05 -DJI]

  4. Creation of new electives and selectives

    Drs. Keeley and Wilson will work with the Clinical Medicine Committee to encourage development of new 2-week electives to expose students to as many areas of medicine as possible for better career choice while allowing students greater freedom of exploration. Areas mentioned as examples included Dermatology, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Orthopedics, ENT, Cardiology, Rehabilitative Medicine, etc.