Minutes 05.17.07

Minutes 05.17.07

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve BargmannDaniel Becker, Robert Bloodgood,  Gene Corbett,  Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson,   Brad Bradenham, Emily Clarke,  Debra Reed (secretary)    Guests:  Lynda Fanning, Joe Krenitsky, Kate Willcutts

  1. New Horizons in Teaching and Research.  A technology forum sponsored by Alderman and ITC will be held May 21 through May 24.  It will include presentations, discussions and new tools for teaching, learning, and researching will be demonstrated.  Events will be held in various locations on grounds.  Please refer to the following website for more information including a schedule of events: http://www.itc.virginia.edu/newhorizons/

  2. Clerkship Grades.  For Period 5A, Family Medicine, OB/GYN, Psychiatry and Neurology turned in their grades on time.  Surgery and Internal Medicine grades were not due at this time. Clerkships continue to submit grades and evaluations in a timely manner.

  3. Curriculum Committee Agenda.  On 6/7/07, Ruth Gaare Bernheim will meet with the Committee on 6/7/07 to discuss the DX/RX course and Nora Lee, from the Mulholland Society will meet with the Committee to discuss the March 2007 Mulholland Report for the clerkship year 2005-2006.

  4. Surgery Clerkship Website/Cases.  The Committee was asked to look at the revised Surgery Clerkship website including the new on-line cases.

  5. Nutrition in the School of Medicine Curriculum.  A "nutrition" group has been working since 2005 to determine the extent of nutrition education in the curriculum and to offer ways to enhance this topic.  Linda Fanning, Joe Krenitsky and Kate Willcutts, members of this group, met with the Committee to share their progress. 

    YEAR 1
    "Cells to Society" 1st week - Focus on 1 disease state, currently diabetes. 
    Physiology, histology, genetics, biochemistry, anatomy, neuroscience. 
    Biochemistry  -Lecture by Registered Dietitian Barb Goodin on "Inborn Errors of Metabolism" 

    Genetics - Q&A presentation by Ms Goodin, RD,  on PKU (brings a PKU patient, the disease impact on the family, helping the child be independent) 

    POM 1 -  (small groups: integrating science with clinical applications) 

    Cells to Society: Dr. Chris Peterson  - A succinct pre-test for baseline nutrition knowledge to be included in the Sources of Info section of the Resource Fair  - In same venue, a self diet analysis to personalize and motivate. 

    Recommend an incentive to accomplish both this pre-test as well as ultimately an on-line post-test, end of 4th year for a meaningful outcomes measure. 

    Proposed or already implemented 
    Biochemistry - Nutrition Clinical Correlation:  2 hours/ small groups and 1 hour wrap-up lecture; Drs. Hockensmith and Noramly's class. To occur Sept 17, 8:10-10am with the wrap-up lecture occurring on Sept 20 at 8:10-   9:00.  Topic is Malnutrition; questions have been drafted; 10 small group faculty chosen for training, most are RDs. 

    YEAR 2 
    POM 2  (clinical case studies solved in weekly small group tutorials.  Pulmonary, GI, cardiac, renal, neuro, infectious disease, endocrine.  GI - Dr. Al-Osaimi:  "Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Nutrition" 4 hour lecture plus two Friday 2 hour sessions of 8 small groups. 

    Proposed or already implemented
    RDs to:   Review and give feedback on Nutrition sections of handouts. 
    Help with case studies. 

    YEAR 3 (Core Clerkships)
    Medicine, ambulatory, internal medicine, surgery, peds, family medicine.      Peds Dr. James Sutphen:  "Malnutrition and Eating Disorders" 1 hour. 

    Proposed or already implemented 
    A new Nutrition Support Surgery Lecture has been added to the Surgery Clerkship Lecture Series: Kate Willcutts, MS RD, School of Nursing faculty. 

    OBGYN Clerkship, Dr. Megan Bray, to include one hour lecture once per month  "Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation" by Kelli Hughes, RD 

    A new component added to one of Dr. Heald's and Dr. Corbett's 3 AIM Clinical Skills Workshops during this one month course offered 10 times per year: during the Friday workshop will use the lunch hour for each of two groups to both choose and eat foods from a provided smorgasbord, and in the process to gain tools for analyzing foods, their own personal nutrition requirements (amounts/portions,  nutrient components,  nutrient density) all with a focus on relevance to their patient (nutritional) care as well as to their own health.  Some "hot topics"  (frequently asked about by patients) to be included. 

    Dr. Mounsey's Family Medicine Clerkship: Workshop on Obesity and cultural    challenges in obesity; proposed lecture by Cynthia Moore, RD. 

    YEAR 4 (Electives/Selectives) 
    Gastroenterology nutrition elective is listed as an offering but in reality was never developed.  
    Selectives - No measurement of expected nutrition knowledge/skills.  Friday     afternoon lectures and every other Thursday Case Series. 

    Proposed or already implemented 
    No electives proposed 

    Include a post-test (on-line) at the end of the 4th year. 

    Friday afternoon lectures and every other Thursday Case Series - may include  Nutrition-related cases.

    The development group would like to see the nutrition "theme" integrated  throughout the curriculum.    The possibility of developing a nutrition elective was discussed.  There is a one month Surgery program for residents with an emphasis on nutrition that might be able to accommodate one or more interested medical students as an elective.   Linda Fanning noted that the course directors of Biochemistry, Joel Hockensmith and Selena Noramly have been avid participants in enhancing the nutrition theme into the Biochem course.  The group would also like to insert nutrition into the POM1 motivational interviews. 

    An evidence-based pocket textbook entitled "Nutrition Guide for Clinicians" published by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. was reviewed.  At the request of Don Innes, the PCRM sent enough copies for the entire third year class.  The books will be distributed to the third year class at the next Clinical Connection session in June. Dr. Reid Adams will oversee this and include a brief <5-minute talk to the class introducing the book and nutrition in the clerkships.

    The Committee congratulated the group on their work and the group was encouraged to continue their efforts to monitor and further develop and coordinate "nutrition" elements in the curriculum.

Donald Innes