Minutes 05.15.03

Minutes 05.15.03

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee


Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Gene Corbett, Donald Innes (Chair), Vern Juel, Howard Kutchai, Maria Meussling, Jerry Short, Nikhil Rao, Bill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Ryan Zaklin, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Education Plan. The Curriculum Committee continued the discussion of how best to organize, implement and evaluate the education initiatives outlined in the Decade Plan. The plan is large and complex, but can be divided into portions, each with a "team" to be held together under the direction of the Curriculum Committee. These teams would involve faculty and studentsd from the Principles of Medicine and Clinical Medicine committees as well as from the faculty and student body at large. The areas requiring the most "work" are highlighted in blue.

     Medical Curriculum Enhancement
    Integrated UME - Basic Science - Clinical
    Foundations of Medicine
    Core Systems
    Practice of Medicine
    Clerkships - revision & link to ACGME
    Basic Science & Clinical Skills for Careers
    Clinical Enhancement Capstone
    Information mastery
    Joint program/degree access
    Medical Education Research
    Medical Education Teaching & Research Core andd Database
    Simulation Center
    Medical Education Building

  2. Dean Garson will attend the Curriculum Committee meeting on May 15, 2003.

Don Innes