Minutes 05.10.07

Minutes 05.10.07

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve Bargmann,  Daniel Becker, Robert BloodgoodGene CorbettWendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson,   Brad Bradenham, Emily Clarke,  Debra Reed (secretary)    

  1. Conservation Medicine.  A proposal has been submitted by Patrick LaRochelle, a third year medical student to broaden the scope of discussions of health in UVA's undergraduate medical education to include issues of ecological health.  Reference material about this proposal was distributed to the Committee.  It was noted that at Harvard, there is an on-line course pertaining to this subject matter. See their website:


    The Committee will review the information and Patrick LaRochelle will be invited to attend a subsequent meeting to discuss this proposal.  The Committee did note that much of this information is already taught at UVA.  This might be appropriate subject matter for Basic Science for Careers or a Clinical Connections session.  Development of an on-line elective program was also briefly discussed.

  2. Public Health.  The Curriculum Committee has received a letter from two fourth year students, Anne Rettig, and Karen Bruner outlining a perceived deficiency in the curriculum in regard to Public Health.  The letter was distributed to the Committee and discussed.  The Committee noted that the letter was written prior to the DX/RX course in the fourth year and wondered if completing this course might have modified their opinion..  The DX/RX program has now been moved to the end of the third year and the Committee believes this change will introduce Public Health issues earlier and give  interested students more time during the selective/electives to explore this topic.   This year one day in the third year transition course was devoted to Public Health which the authors of this letter would not have had during their third year.  Social Issues in Medicine also devotes a limited amount of time to this subject.  Chris Peterson noted that many students express interest in this issue during the admissions interview process.

  3. DX/RX Course.    Ruth Gaare Bernheim and Tom Massaro, course directors, have been asked to propose a formal curriculum and budget for this course.  The Curriculum Committee would like to "institutionalize" this course to assure continuity in the future.  The Committee discussed the discontinuation of the field trip to Washington DC. The Curriculum Committee will discuss the Dx/Rx course when the proposal is complete. 

  4. Clinical Skills Working Group.  Gene Corbett and Emily Clarke updated the Committee on recent activities of this group.  Emily Clarke asked for student participation and received 15 e-mails from interested students.  The students will form a subcommittee and provide three representatives to the Clinical Skills Working Group.  Susan Kirk from the CME recommended Dr. Mary Bryant to joint the Working Group to represent the CME and she has agreed.

  5. ADE Medical Education Research Grant Proposals.  Bob Bloodgood reported that 12 proposals have been received to date.  The Selection Committee will meet at the end of May to select those that will be funded.  Selections should be announced in June.
  6. Cells to Society.  Chris Peterson was pleased to report that Cells to Society has found faculty to staff the course with even a few extra for last minute cancellations. 

Donald Innes