Minutes 04.18.02

Minutes 04.18.02

University of Virginia School of Medicine

Curriculum Committee

Minutes 04.18.02

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 PM

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Victoria Camerini, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Lisa Coray, Gene Corbett, Donald Innes (Chair), Howard Kutchai, Nelle Linz, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Guest: James (Jay) Scott, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. School of Medicine Finances. James H. Scott, Associate Dean of Finance for the University of Virginia School of Medicine briefed the committee on the sources of funding for medical education and the distribution process.

    Future plans will likely include implementation of a mission-based management (MBM) system. MBM is a management tool. Achieving the goals and objectives of the school require resources. MBM allows for these resources to be allocated based on accurate and timely information. MBM stresses accountability. An equitable system of measuring educational activities used in other Medical Schools will be explored and developed for the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

    The presentation and discussion was valuable for all. The Curriculum Committee offered their assistance to the Dean of Finance and the new Dean in design and implementation of an equitable and fair distribution of funds for undergraduate medical eduction. Jay Scott asked the Committee to send him any innovative ways to measure, fund activities in the medical school. Don Innes suggested the Committee educate itself in regard to MBM and will provide information and references.

  2. The Committee was asked to e-mail suggestions for possible new Curriculum Committee members. Each member was also asked to provide one goal/objective they would like to see the Curriculum committee accomplish in the 2002-2003 academic year.

-Don Innes