Minutes 04.03.08

Minutes 04.03.08

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve Bargmann, Dan Becker, Robert Bloodgood, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Mohan Nadkarni, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Kira Mayo, Jason Franasiak Debra Reed (secretary) Guest:  Melanie McCollum

  1. Announcements:

    Joint Clinical Clerkship Committee Meeting 4/2/08.  Don Innes reported on the Joint Clinical Medicine Clerkship Committee meeting held at UVA on 4/2/08.  Clerkship faculty from UVA, Salem VA, Roanoke Carilion, and Fairfax were in attendance.  The new medical education building plan was reviewed with the group along with the recent addition to the University of Virginia School of Medicine Competencies Required of the Contemporary Physician "cultural competency in clinical practice and professional relations."  A statement assessing this competency - "Student managed a patient effectively within the context of the patient's cultural beliefs, practices and needs", has been added to the Passports.   Allison Innes outlined the 2008 Match Results for the group.  Bill Wilson and Allison Innes provided an Electives and Selectives Assessment.  Melanie McCollum gave a report from the Education Task Force.  The group was introduced to the new Clerkship website format by Veronica Michaelsen.   Gene Corbett talked to the group about the Clinical Skills Working Group and their efforts to enhance teaching of clinical skills in the clerkships.   The Committee discussed how to best prepare the students for the USMLE-2CS exam.  During lunch, the clerkship leaders met and were asked to discuss methods to enhance clinical skills education.  The SMEC representative, Animesh Jain, spoke to the group with suggestions from SMEC to improve the student's clerkship experience.  Before the group adjourned, they visited the Simulation Center for a demonstration of UVA's simulation technology.  

    Kira Mayo and Jason Franasiak were welcomed to the Curriculum Committee as the new 08-09 student members.

    Surgery Proposal.  The Surgery Clerkship Directors met after the April 2nd Joint Clerkship Committee meeting to discuss Eugene McGahren's proposal for the Surgery Clerkship. Ashley Shilling of the Department of Anesthesia was present and had worked out the appropriate arrangements for the anesthesia component. The Surgery group strongly supported the proposal and came away from the meeting "very excited by the potential for this format". It will be implemented in 2008-09.

    Surgery - week 1 (introduction, all surgery lectures and workshops, 2-day anesthesiology experience), weeks 2-4 (Surgery team: general, cardiac, vascular, colorectal, hepatobiliary, pediatric, trauma, transplant, thoracic, oncology), weeks 5-7 (Surgery team: general, cardiac, vascular, colorectal, hepatobiliary, pediatric, trauma, transplant, thoracic, oncology), week 8 (wrap-up lectures, orals, exam)

  2. Anatomy Course Review.   Melanie McCollum, Anatomy Course Director, updated the Committee on the recent changes to the Anatomy course.    The embryology section of the course has been enhanced.  The grading system has been revised.  Exams now include more problem solving types of questions and the number of questions have increased from 50 to 75 per exam.  Multiple quizzes and use the ARS system have also been added.  The course is being taught with far more "active" learning now than in the past.  This type of learning does require substantially more student preparation time prior to and after the weekly labs.      

    The group discussed the appropriate allotment of "study hours" to each of the first year courses.  

    The group reviewed and discussed the recent student evaluations of the course.

    The course will make further revisions this year based on what they learned last year, e.g. learning objectives have been pared down and made more specific.

    The issue of memorization was discussed at length.  Some of the Committee members felt that while memorization is not the ideal learning method, some memorization such as terminology is absolutely necessary.

    Specific outcome data on the effects of the new teaching method are not available at this time.  The Committee suggested that ways to evaluate cause and effect of the method should be found and data collected. The Committee strongly suggests that the first year course directors meet as soon as possible to discuss timing of their course activities to both integrate material and lessen student overload whenever possible. 

    The Committee also suggests that quizzes be timed to not interfere with other courses.

    Response to the Medical Molecular Genetics Course Review.  The Committee discussed a response to the Medical Molecular Genetics Course review.  A letter will be sent to the Course Director, Wendy Golden, with the Committee's comments.  

Donald Innes