Minutes 04.02.09

Minutes 04.02.09

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen Arnold,  Dan Becker, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Eugene Corbett, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Veronica Michaelsen, Mohan Nadkarni, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Bill Wilson, Mary Kate Worden, Evan Lapinski, Debra Reed (secretary) Guest: Brad Bradenham

The meeting was called to order at 4 PM. Dr. Corbett, who was scheduled to speak, was ill and that presentation had to be postponed.

  1. Proposed Gradulation Requirements for the Class of 2011. The proposed graduation requirements for the Class of 2011 were distributed and were approved.

    Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2011

    Students must complete and pass Basic Science for Careers (BS4C), the Dx Rx: The Healthcare System, an Advanced Clinical Elective, Selectives (8-weeks total in Medicine (4), Ob/Gyn (2) and Psychiatry (2)) and 24 weeks of Electives.
    Total required weeks post clerkship  40
    Total free weeks post clerkship 13

    There was discussion of the new elective/selective calendar, and the possibility of requiring an additional ACE (Advanced Clinical Elective) was raised. It was felt that this requirement should be reconsidered in the future, since there are currently not enough ACE experiences in some areas to accommodate students interested in those specialties.

  2. Tuition Scholarship. Some information about the tuition scholarship bill that has been proposed by Congressman McDermott was distributed. It was commented that this sounded similar to the previous National Health Service Corps.

  3. Professionalism. Ben Bradenham, the new Chair of the Student Medical Education Committee, was asked to discuss an email that he had sent regarding "professionalism" among medical students in their interactions with and critique of faculty. Subsequent to that email, he had been made aware of the "Praise and Concern Cards" that were instituted several years ago. These cards were discussed, and it was apparent that not everyone was aware of their existence and application. It will be helpful if the faculty and students can be reminded of the "Praise Cards" and "Concern Cards" and the situations in which they might be best used.

Respectfully submitted,
William G. Wilson, MD