Minutes 03.24.05

Minutes 03.24.05

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Eve BargmannRobert Bloodgood,  Anita Clayton,  Gene Corbett, John Gazewood, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda WatsonBill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Nnaemeka Anyadike, Michael Richardson, Sixtine Valdelievre, Anthony Debenedet, Jann Balmer, Anne Chapin, Debra Reed (secretary) 

  1. Basic Sciences for Careers (BS4C) – A reorganization proposal to create a steering group of basic scientists to organize the plenary portion of the BS4C program was discussed and approved. With this reorganization one director would oversee the entire course organization and work with the basic science steering group on the plenary sessions. All the other basic science contacts for the career groups and selectives are best made through the clinical departments and under the supervision of the Director. The planned plenary sessions or mini-symposia on basic scientific principles as applied to medicine, career groups in which one or more students focus on scientific advances in their chosen discipline, e.g. Internal Medicine - signal transduction inhibitors in the treatment of malignancy, Neurology - diseases of mitochondria or Surgery - extracellular matrix proteins and wound healing, and selectives chosen from a menu of topics in major disciplines, each focused on application of scientific principles to clinical problems, remain unchanged.

  2. Review of the Clinical Connections course.  (Reid Adams, Jann Balmer)  Drs. Adams and Jann Balmer met with the Curriculum Committee to discuss recent evaluations and adjustments to the Clinical Connections course.  Dr. Adams reviewed the design and history of the course. Topics are chosen to meet educational needs, specifically targeting subjects that are not otherwise taught in a cohesive fashion. Topics include: Medical Information Technology, Pain Management, Geriatrics, Moral Distress, Sexual Dysfunction, Disaster Medicine, Living with Diabetes, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Medicine and Law, Multidisciplinary Approach to patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome, etc. In the past year nursing students have been invited to participate. Student evaluations have been good, averaging a score of 4 out of 5. The Committee’s initial impression of Clinical Connections is positive.

    Drs. Adams and Balmer provided a self-assessment review packet. Copies were distributed at the meeting and will be sent to those members not in attendance. The packet should be read prior to our April 14 meeting for further discussion.

  3. UTA/GTA – Placement of the GTA/UTA in PoM or the clerkships was discussed, with theclear finding that the UTA/GTA should be in the preclerkship period. Further discussion with valuable input from Anne Chapin, director of the standardized patient program, resulted in several suggestions for improving the GTA/UTA experience.

     Make available by web or video a summary of the lecture with demonstration to allow students review the examination immediately prior to the standardized patient encounter. 

    Obtain good anatomic models for practice, allowing the student to practice the “mechanics” of the examination, before having to deal with sensitive patient relationship issues. 

    Develop a program to identify students who need additional GTA/UTA practice and provide remediation. 

    Develop an observational model using faculty (physicians, nurses) to provide formative evaluation. 

    Programs with methods for teaching good clinical GTA/UTA skills are needed. Educational research in this area is desirable.

  4. "Dx & Rx: The U.S. Health Care System" appears to have been successful based on initial comments of students. Thanks were extended to Drs. Massaro and Gaare for undertaking the huge organizational task of designing, developing and implementing the "Dx & Rx: The U.S. Health Care System". The Curriculum Committee will arrange a meeting with Drs. Massaro and Gaare for a full review.

  5. Congratulations from the Curriculum Committee were extended to Drs. Meg Keeley and Gene Corbett for winning All University Teaching Awards in 2005.

Donald Innes