Minutes 03.20.03

Minutes 03.20.03

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Anita Clayton, Lisa Coray, Gene Corbett, Donald Innes (Chair), Vern Juel, Howard Kutchai, Jerry Short, Nikhil Rao, Bill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, Ryan Zaklin, Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Education Team Report. The Curriculum Committee reviewed the content of the Education Team Report, part of the School of Medicine 10-year-plan developed by the Education Steering Committee. The Curriculum Committee was asked to provide input on the report to Don Innes via e-mail.

    The Steering Committee teams were not meant to replace existing governing bodies but to act as a think tank to develop plans for short term and long term improvements to the School of Medicine. The changes are precipitated by national trends and USMLE competency requirements and our own need to grow and improve and remain competitive. One goal of the Steering Committee is to develop resources that are interchangeable between the UME, GME and CME, for example, the Trauma Man computer module and Cardio Village. Educational software could be tailored for all levels of learning from medical students to faculty.

    Question was raised as to whether the Steering Committee is recommending a organ based system of education. The Curriculum Committee has adjusted the curriculum in the last four years encouraging more integration between the courses which has, in turn, moved the curriculum toward a modified organ based system. Medical school curriculums are either discipline based, organ system based, case based or some variation of the three. No discernable difference in competency or student outcome has been reported between the curriculums. The case based system is not a likely option for UVA because of the size of the student body and the number of faculty.

    The first year curriculum still resembles undergraduate education. More patient contact in the Principles of Medicine-1 course will be discussed with John Gazewood.

Don Innes