Minutes 03.08.07

Minutes 03.08.07

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve BargmannDaniel Becker, Robert BloodgoodGene Corbett,  Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson,  Devin Mackay, Kavita  Sharma,  Brad Bradenham, Debra Reed (secretary)  Guests:  Steve Borowitz, Hilary Sanfey

  1. The Curriculum Committee welcomed the newest member of the Committee, Brad Bradenham, newly elected as student Representative to the Curriculum Committee.

  2. Surgery Proposal.  Hilary Sanfey met with the Committee to discuss the organization of the Surgery Clerkship. An anesthesia rotation is now part of the eight-week Surgery core clerkship.  Prior to the Curriculum revision, the Surgery clerkship was 12 weeks and one week was devoted to Anesthesiology.  Now that the core clerkship is 8 weeks, the surgeons find the three-day anesthesia experience extremely disruptive. The Surgery Co-Directors would like to see Anesthesiology made a fourth year surgery selective.  They believe that the students will seek out experiences for their particular field of interest and will opt for an anesthesiology selective if skills such as intubation are important to their field of study.  The Committee will meet with Anesthesiology faculty next week (3/15/07). Additional information is needed before making a recommendation.

  3. Isabel.  Steve Borowitz demonstrated Isabel, a web-based system linking symptoms and physical findings to relevant medical literature.  The system is available through the Health Sciences Library and accessible from the "Information for Clinicians" website.  


    The Library would like help from the Curriculum Committee to publicize the availability of the system to the relevant first and second year course directors and encourage use of Isabel in those courses.  Isabel provides links to relevant medical literature owned by the Health Sciences Library.  At this time, it does not link to all resources because of licensing issues.  After additional discussion the Committee will make a recommendation.

  4. Additional housekeeping that got overlooked at the March 1, 2007 meeting. An email vote was taken on the following:

    The Class of 2009 will take:

    DxRx:  Health Care Policy (for class of 2009)
    MED 680 Spring 20081 (grading:  P/F)

    Basic Science for Careers (for class of 2009)
    MED 682 Spring 20081 (grading:  P/F)

    Selectives Program MED 665  (grading:  P/F)
    To pass the selectives course, students need to complete the required selectives in the designated areas (this can be reassessed each year, especially if the selective offerings change). This is the same policy as now in place for the Electives Program.

    The Curriculum Committee unanimously approved these courses for the UVA Registrar using a P/F grading system.

Donald Innes