Minutes 03.06.08

Minutes 03.06.08

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve Bargmann, Dan Becker, Robert Bloodgood, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Mohan Nadkarni, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Brad Bradenham, Emily Clarke, Sixtine Valdelievre,  Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Clerkship Web Site Template.  The Committee reviewed the Clerkship web site template which will be implemented by 4/28/08.   All clerkship websites will be updated to conform to a common structure and required elements.   The Committee discussed the list of required elements as well as the list of elements which "should" be on the websites.  The Committee suggests that "A statement of the attending and resident physician's roles and expectations" move from "should have" to "required."  The Committee also suggests that there be a place for clerkship specific resources available to students regardless of their clerkship site location.  Clerkship goals and expectations should be broad enough to be applicable at all clerkship sites. Please see attachment A.

  2. Admissions Survey of Matriculants.  The 2007 Admissions Survey of the 143 members of the first year class two months after matriculation was distributed.  Forty-eight students responded (34% of the class).  Of the respondents 50% were Virginia residents and 40% were from out of state.  Results of questions regarding satisfaction with the admissions process, importance of diversity of the patient population and teaching facilities in decision to matriculate, student perception of the School's greatest strengths and weaknesses, and integrated curriculum were discussed.

  3. MR5 Scheduling Difficulties.  An e-mail from Mary Kate Worden of the Neuroscience course regarding a recent difficulty with one of the conference rooms in MR5 was discussed.  The School of Medicine has priority in the MR5 rooms only in the afternoon.  Individual departments in the building have priority in the mornings.  On the morning in question, there was a scheduling snafu and Neuroscience was unable to use the room for a small group discussion even though it had been scheduled in advance.  The Neuroscience class was forced to move to C1 which is suboptimal for their needs.  Jerry Short noted that this has happened in the past but only on rare occasions (approximately 5 times since the building opened).    He also noted that the size of the small group (approximately 30) creates the most difficulties because there are few rooms available that seat this number of students comfortably. The MR5 rooms will now be reserved through the departments.

  4. Defining the Core Clerkship Elements.     Some of the members of the Committee have made suggestions regarding the draft of the Core Clerkship Elements.  These suggestions have now been incorporated.  The Committee suggested changes be made to "Rounds with resident/fellow/attending physicians (daily)" so that it would apply to all clerkships, ambulatory as well as in-patient.  Suggestions included changing "Rounds" to "Supervised direct patient contact" or "Patient based discussions..."  The committee was again asked to submit suggestions to Don Innes by e-mail. Please see attachment B.

  5. Update on Comprehensive Review of USMLE.    The Committee to Evaluate the USMLE Program (CEUP) reported that it has completed its review of information gathered during the early phases of the CRU process and has set a target of mid-March, 2008 to complete final recommendations.  It is likely that the previously reported themes that were emerging in the CEUP discussions will e reflected in the final report.  In brief, these include A) provision of assessments that are intended to inform the state licensing authorities in making decisions at two "Gateway" points: 1) entry into supervised practice and 2) entry into unsupervised practice; B) redesign of USMLE to better reflect the competencies important to medical practice; C) reconsideration of the current, independent assessment of the basic sciences in favor of an integrative approach. 

    The Committee discussed whether an in-house comprehensive exam might be purchased or created to help prepare UVA SOM students for the USMLE comprehensive basic exam.  MCV does have such as exam.  Howard Kutchai has a basic science contact at MCV that he will put Jerry Short in touch with to see how this is done there.

  6. Clerkship 2008 Increased Size.  The Committee continued discussion of an extension of the Clerkship period to accommodate the increase in students for the coming clerkship years.  OBGYN and Internal Medicine are experience the biggest difficulties in dealing with the approximately15 extra students in next years class.   Pros and cons of extending the clerkship were debated.  The Committee has been asked to act on this so planning can begin for the 200-2010 clerkship period. Discussion will continue at next week's meeting.

Donald Innes