Minutes 03.01.01

Minutes 03.01.01

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes 03.01.01

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Victoria Camerini, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Gene Corbett, Joseph Dubose (Travis Stork) , Joanna Goldberg, Donald Innes (Chair), Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Debra Reed (Secretary)

  1. Clinical Skills Passports. Copies of the passports were given to Travis Stork for student review at the next Students Medical Education Committee (SMEC) meeting. The passport program will be piloted during the April/May clerkships.

  2. CTS/Physiology Review. Copies of the letter to Drs. Bloodgood and Kutchai outlining the Curriculum Committees response to the CTS/Physiology Self Assessment were presented to the Committee for final review.
  3. Anatomy Self Assessment Review. The committee will communicate a response to the course directors, Drs. Hinton and Taylor with recommendations and proposals for the course.

-Don Innes