Minutes 01.24.08

Minutes 01.24.08

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Gretchen Arnold, Eve Bargmann, Dan Becker, Robert Bloodgood, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair),  Howard Kutchai, Marcus Martin, Mohan Nadkarni, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Brad Bradenham, Emily Clarke, Sixtine ValdelievreDebra Reed (secretary)

  1.  Announcements.

    a) Two news articles from Dartmouth Medical School:

    Dartmouth Medical School Begins Bi-coastal Teaching Partnership With San Francisco's California Pacific Medical Center

    Fixing Health Care: More Doctors Are Not the Solution

    b) News article from the AAMC

    Changes Possible for Medical Licensing Exam 

    c) Anatomy Curriculum Group - Members of the Study Group (Kristy Davis, Spencer Gay, Don Innes, Melanie McCollum and Brad Bradenham) met on 1/24/08. 

    The group has begun to tackle formalin vapor issues, cadaver selection and preparation, need for down draft tables.    They will begin discussion of deeper curriculum issues after immediate issues have been resolved.    It was noted that USMLE Step 1 Anatomy scores for UVA, while rising are not rising as fast as the national average.  The group will seek to determine if our teaching methods can be improved and made more clinically relevant.  Cases being developed by Spencer Gay to correspond to individual gross disections is thought to be a step toward this goal.

    d) Notes from recent Dean's Town Meeting (01.10.08) Please see attachment.

  2. PoM-2 Requests Guidance.

    Brian Wispelwey requested that the Curriculum Committee review the POM2 exam policy.
    POM II has four examinations, each of which stands alone with regard to the subject matter that is covered and must therefore be mastered. In the Brave New World of Pass /Fail a cumulative passing grade for this course does not imply mastery of each individual data set. We had proposed that a passing grade of at least 70 on each exam would be required to pass the course and this has created a stir. I still believe this is important and Darci and I favor making those who do not attain this score repeat the exam until they do. We need the curriculum committees approval or alternative suggestions.

    After intense discussion, including proposals for a cummulative final examination, a minimum score on all exams, and a minimum score for the final grade, the Committee agreed that exams should not be considered optional

    The Curriculum Committee unanimously approved a motion that all formal course examinations are required activities. Failure to take seriously the understanding and mastery of a body of knowledge necessary for patient care should be recorded in the student's file as a breach of professionalism.

  3. Clinical Skills Educator Program.  

    The Committee discussed the curriculum for the Clinical Skills Educator Program.   While the program pilot in Internal Medicine is very well received by the students, there is some concern that the experience may not be equivocal for all students participating.  Cases vary week to week and preceptor to preceptor.  Whether a standard set of cases should be established or even could be established was discussed.  The Committee decided to recommend that the Program Director(s) meet regularly with the instructors in the program to outline expectations and course requirements.

  4. War Games.      

    The Curriculum Committee agreed that the "War Games" outlined by Jeff Young at a previous meeting could be an asset to the curriculum.  Possible insertion points include during a proposed selective anesthesiology experience or elsewhere in the Surgery Clerkship.  The Committee would like to see the experience spread over all of the surgery subspecialties so that no one subspecialty is burdened by the "War Games" experience.   Addition of "War Games" scenarios to the Clinical Connection sessions (Reid Adams, Director) also seems appropriate.  These suggestions will be communicated to Jeff Young.

  5. Curriculum Committee Agenda:  Elective time in the fourth year will be discussed at a future meeting. Members were asked to suggest future agenda topics to Don Innes by e-mail. [Success in residency placement; Course reviews (Neuroscience; Anatomy; PoM-1), course director description, year-one comprehensive exam]

Donald Innes