Minutes 01.15.09

Minutes 01.15.09

University of Virginia School of  Medicine
Curriculum Committee

Pediatric Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Gretchen ArnoldDan Becker, Robert Bloodgood, Megan Bray, Eugene Corbett, Thomas Gampper, Wendy Golden, Donald Innes (Chair), Keith Littlewood, Veronica Michaelsen, Mohan Nadkarni, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda Waggoner-Fountain, Bill Wilson, Mary Kate Worden, Jason Franasiak, Jason Woods for Kira Mayo, Debra Reed (secretary) Guests: Animesh Jain

  1. New York Times Article "At M.I.T., Large Lectures are Going the Way of the Blackboard" sent to the Committee via e-mail was discussed briefly.  It was noted that the biggest complaint of students in small group learning venues was that attendance was mandatory, enforced either through grades or peer pressure.  

    Note: The January 2, 2009 issue of Science features "Education & Technology" and can be accessed at http://www.sciencemag.org/content/vol323/issue5910/index.dtl  

  2. Systems Development Teams.  Faculty have been contacted to serve as leaders of the development teams for the individual systems units. All have expressed enthusiasm for curriculum advancement. These groups will be assisted by Troy Buer and Veronica Michaelsen in the Dean's Office to assemble and coordinate the working groups and assist with the input and tracking of content, skills, and attitudes for each of the systems as well as the Foundations course.  The first meetings will occur within the next two weeks with goal of having a draft for each system by March 10.  The drafts should include knowledge, skill, and attitude content objectives to meet the 12  UVA Curricular Competencies; manner of assessment, and learning (teaching) methods.  The initial draft should focus on content.

  3. PRINCIPLES for Development of Systems Based Curriculum.    The Committee discussed suggestions for guiding principles for the developers of the organ system based curriculum. 

Donald Innes