Minutes 01.15.04

Minutes 01.15.04

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee


Surgery Conference Room, 4:00 p.m.                       

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Eve Bargmann,  Robert Bloodgood,  Anita Clayton,  Gene Corbett, Carl Creutz,  Donald Innes (Chair),  Vern Juel, Howard Kutchai, Chris Peterson, Jerry Short, Linda Watson,  Bill Wilson, Brian Wispelwey, John Bell,  Lisa Coray, Vinay Chandrasekhara,  Paul McIntosh,  Maria Meussling,  Debra Reed (secretary)

  1. Contemporary Clerkship, Electives, Selectives Team Report.  Bill Wilson reported on the progress of the team.  A draft of a preliminary curriculum modification proposal for a “core clerkship” experience was presented.  Variations were discussed. See extra on CCES below.

  2. Pathology Self-Assessment.  Don Innes presented a report describing and assessing the course. He provided an overview of the course and assessment data from student evaluations. The information was critiqued. Summary assessments will be made. Following a discussion the committee will communicate a response to Dr. Innes.   The Pathology  curriculum is closely coordinated with PoM2 and Pharmacology.  Student evaluation numbers have remained consistently above the mean over many years.  Recent modifications such as the addition of the “question alert sheet” on all exams were discussed. 

Donald Innes/dmr