Minutes 01.11.00

Minutes 01.11.00

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Curriculum Committee
Minutes 01.11.01

Pediatric Pathology Conference Room, 4:00 pm

Present (underlined) were: Reid Adams, Robert Bloodgood, Victoria Camerini, Anita Clayton, Al Connors, Gene Corbett, Joseph Dubose, (Alexandra Yamshchikov), Joanna Goldberg, Donald Innes (Chair), Jerry Short, Bill Wilson, Debra Reed (Secretary)

  1. Clinical Connections. The Clinical Connection Program is currently being piloted in 4 sessions under the directorship of Reid Adams. Dr. Adams, Director of the pilot program, is willing to assume the responsibilities of the course director for 2001-02. The program will be expanded to seven or eight sessions for the 2001-2002 year. Faculty will be polled via e-mail for topic suggestions. One goal will be to include topics that do not currently have a niche in the curriculum or that are incompletely covered. Possible 2001-02 dates that work well with the clerkship schedule have been identified.

    Session Dates:
    August 10th Friday
    September 21st Friday
    November 2nd Friday
    February 15th Friday
    March 29th Friday
    April 8th Monday
    May 17th Friday
    June 28th Friday

    Fridays seem to be the optimal day with the least impact on the Clerkship schedule. Requirements for attendance was discussed at length.

    The 2/12/01 program "Managing Acute Neurologic Injury/Chronic Disability" was outlined by Reid Adams.

  2. Neuroscience Presentation. The 12/7/00 Medical Neuroscience course presentation by Keven Lee, Course Director, was discussed.

  3. The review of Cell & Tissue, Biochemistry, Anatomy and Microbiology over the next few months will use a standardized template. Bob Bloodgood was thanked for his efforts in leading this effort along with Short, Connors and Innes. The self-assessment data for each of the courses will be distributed to the Curriculum Committee at least one week prior to the presentation and discussion. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes, followed by a 10-20 minute questions/answer session and a 30 minute private discussion by the Committee.

 -Don Innes