Curriculum Committee Minutes

Curriculum Committee Minutes



Announcements, Educational Fellowship Update, Review of Mind, Brain and Behavior, ACE Reviews

 08/17/15  Introduction of New At-large Committee Members, Discussion regarding Election of Vice Chair, Announcements, Review of Academic Calendars (Electives and Clerkships), Curriculum Committee Governance Document, Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement, 2015 Graduation Questionnaire, ACEs and Clerkship Review Assignments
 06/11/15 LCME Report and Review Committee Update, Grading Issues (continued)
 06/04/15  Curriculum Committee Governance and Membership, Academic Advancement Policy (Deans’ Concerns), Learning Communities, Update on the Advanced Clinical Electives
05/21/15 Subspecialty Service in IM Clerkship (Student Preferences), MSI Course Review, GI Course Review, Orientation to the OR Video
 05/07/15 Announcements, Educational Fellowship Award Proposals, DxRx Course Review, Endocrinology/Reproductive System Co-Leaders, Potential Change of Curriculum Committee Meeting Day after Summer Break 
 04/16/15 Food in the Learning Studio, Clerkship & Elective Schedules/Calendars, Update on the LCME’s Requirement for a Comprehensive Review of the Curriculum, Intern Survey, Mulholland Proposal regarding Sequencing of Clerkships, Resolution of "Clinical Classroom" Study Presentation
04/09/15 Announcements, Guidelines for Assembling Clinical Performance Development (CPD) Groups,  Review results from the "Clinical Classroom" project
04/02/15  Clinical Teaching, 2014 MIS System Review, Practical and Written Exams:  Discussion of ≥60.0% (no rounding), Guidelines for Assembling CPD Groups
03/19/15 Mulholland Report, Transition Course Review, Use of Term “Exploratory Electives” for the Pre-Clerkship Phase Programs, Integration of Basic Science into the Clerkships and Post-Clerkship Phase, Listening Post—Clerkship Evaluation
03/12/15 Innovation & Design Seminar Proposal, Core Threads, Online Assessment Tool, Consistent Use of ≥60.0% for Summatives and Practicals, Hematology System Leaders, Medicine Bedside Teaching
02/19/15 Announcements, 2014 Hematology System Review, Should Medical Students Track Patients in the EMR, Practical Exams in Anatomy, Online Assessment Tool - ExamSoft 
Announcements, Resolving Medicine Clerkship Rotation Issues at the Salem VA, Preclerkship Elective Certificates/Letters, Cells, Tissues and Mechanisms of Disease (CTMD) 2014 Course Review, Compassionate Consideration in Clerkship Scheduling
Announcements, Appointment of Matthew Ison as Co-Leader for the Pulmonary System, Provision of Recognition or Certification for Pre-Clerkship Electives, Clerkship Rotations - Variable Numbers
Announcements, Clerkship Grade Report, Endocrine Reproductive System Review, 2014 Matriculating Student Questionnaire, Update on Clinical Classroom Proposal, Provision of Recognition or Certification for Elective Courses in the Pre-Clerkship Period
Instructional Design, Student Paging System, Compassion, Determination, Response Program, Medical Spanish Project Update, Operating Room Etiquette Video, 2014 Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal System Reviews, Curriculum Innovation and Design
New Co-Leader Named for Cardiovascular System, Geriatric Clerkship Scheduling, Foundations of Medicine 2014 Course Review, Clinical Classroom, EPAs, Disaster Plan for Clerkship Shelf Exams
Announcements: Secta Visualization Table, Geriatric Clerkship Scheduling, Anatomy Reflection Projects, Translational Science Learning Objectives, Thread Review, Universal Passport and EPAs, Possibility of Students Working with Employee Health Delivering Flu Shots to Employees, Online Shelf Exams, Shortening Time Limits for Clerkship Grade Submission, Medicine Clerkship
Announcements: Electives/ACE Submissions, Virtual Human Avatar Research Study, Be Safe Initiative, Fusion of CV/Pulm/Renal; Potential Gaps/Redundancies in Learning Objectives, Salem VA Medicine Clerkship
Innovation and Design Track,  Clerkship Year-End Reports, USMLE Step 1 Report,   Learning Objectives for Laboratory Selection and Interpretation, Translational  Science Learning Objectives, Requirement of Narrative Comments for All Clerkship and CPD Evaluations, Professionalism in Oasis
Announcements: Pediatric Ear and Phone Triage Workshop, Curriculum Committee Clarity of Process Diagram, Duty Hours, Grade Submission, 2014-2015 Teaching Awards, USMLE Step 2CS Results, Education Fellowship Grant Submissions, Clerkship Calendars for SMD18 and SMD19, SMD19 Pre-Clerkship Weekly Calendar, 2014 Emergency Medicine Clerkship Review, Hematology System Review, Musculoskeletal/Integument System Review, Mind, Brain & Behavior System Review, Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner Students, Dean's Town Hall Meeting SMD18
Announcements: Educational Fellowship Proposals, Medical Spanish, Disability Education in the SOM Curriculum, 2014 Peri-operative (Anesthesiology) Clerkship Review.
Announcements: Development of Health and Medicine, Alignment of UVA SOM Competencies with Physician Competencies Refrence Set (PCRS), Curriculum Inventor Database, Joint Clerkship Committee Meeting, Student Safety Policy Proposal, Grading and Remediation for CPD-1, Student Attendance in Required Activities, 2014 Neurology Clerkship Review, 2014 Medicine/AIM Clerkship Review
Announcements: Attendance at Curriculum Committee Meetings, Follow-up from NBME Subject Exam Chief Proctor, Surgery Clerkship 2014 Review, Geriatric Medicine Clerkship 2014 Review, Family Medicine Clerkship 2014 Review, Pediatric Clerkship 2014 Review, CPD1 Remediation Policy, Future LGBT Curriculum Review
Announcements: Clinician's Eye, Interprofessional Education; Avatar Proposal to Enhance Medical Student Communication and Interaction with Patients, Disaster Plan for Shelf Exams, Duty Hours on the Clerkships, Surgery Intern Preparedness Elective, Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship 2014 Review
Announcements:USMLE Step 2 CK, Life Saving Techniques Workshop Student Evaluation,  Items from Clerkship/PostClerkship Meeting, Central Plan for Monitoring Duty Hours on the Clerkships,  Electives Report, Proposal for Research Study using Avatars, OB/GYN Clerkship Review 2014
Announcements: Welcome SMD 18, First MDJD Student;  Life Saving Techniques Workshop (LSTW) Resolution, Curriculum Inventory in Context, Curriculum Summer Activities, Marty Mayo, Ph.D. Confirmed New CTMD Co-Leader, Manoj Patel, Ph.D. Confirmed New Physiology Thread Leader, 2014 AAMC GQ Report, OSCEs, Review of Clerkship Period 1 Grade Submission, Progress on Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), Revised Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement, Revised Governance Document
Curriculum Committee Summer 2014 Activities - Health Sciences Library Renovation, Annual Clerkship Reviews, SMD18 Curriculum Schematic, Script Concordance, Article - Resuscitating Inpatient Clinical Clerkships
Endocrine/Reproductive System Review, Clerkship Grades, Clerkship Learning Objective Project, Life Saving Techniques Workshop Makeups, Follow-up on Student Transplant Surgery Pager Program
06/12/14 GI System Review, Student Transplant Surgery Pager Proposal, Clerkship Director Survey at End of the First Block 2014, Clerkship Transition Course,
06/05/14 Narrative Evaluation Improvement, UPG Billing Compliance Policies with Regard to Medical Students, SOM-SON Pilot Longitudinal Program in Population Health Management, Student Academic Services at UVA SOM, Third and Fourth Year Retreat Report, Grade Challenge Policy
05/15/14 Guidelines for the Teacher-Learning Relationship, Attestation Statements, Residents as Teachers, Mulholland Society Report, Reflection of the Next Generation Curriculum - the Nine Aspirational Goals from 2009
05/08/14 Clinician's Eye, Microbes and the Immune System (MIS) Review
05/01/14 Mark Moody, Director of Educational Technology Welcomed to the Curriculum Committee, USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) Interim Summary, Clerkship Shelf Exam Policy, Summary of SMD13 Intern Survey, Pathoma, Clerkship Course Grade and Shelf Exam Score Across the Clerkship Sites, 2014 and 2015 Clerkship Grade Comparisons, MSPE's, Neurology and Pediatrics Comparison of Final Grades VS Shelf Exam Scores,  Clerkship Shelf Exam Failures, Clerkship Learning Objectives
04/17/14 Social Issues in Medicine (SIM) Review, Guidelines for the Student Teacher Relationship, Learning Objective Review, Grade Distribution Histogram, Clerkship Grades Submission,  Post-Clerkship Retreat Report, Clinical Skills Exam Scores for SMD15, Neurology Subject Exam Scores Compared to Final Neurology Clerkship  Grade
04/10/14 New Director of Educational Technology Announced, SMD16 Step 1 Prep Report, Guidelines for Curriculum Reviewers, Teacher/Student Relationship Guidelines
04/03/14 Academic Standards and Achievement Committee Operating Procedures, Content Outlines for National Board of Medical Examiners Distribution of Test Items, Attestation Website Progress, Residents as Teachers, Student Absences from Summative Exam Period, Clerkship Schedule for 2015-16
03/20/14 Announcements - NBME Subject Exam Timing Change, Post-Clerkship Meeting, AAMC Award, Furlough Procedure for Medical and Nursing Students, Weight of Medicine OSCE in Clerkship Grade, New Electives for 2014, Other Elective Issues, CPD Co-Mentors
03/13/14 Dual Degree - Medicine and Law,, Mulholland Report, Psychiatric Medicine Learning Objectives  in the Mind, Brain and Behavior System, Clerkship Learning Objectives Review, Transition Course, Review of Final USMLE-1 Results for 2013  
03/06/14 CPD-1c OSCE and passing score requirement , Clinical Practice Examination, website, Thread Leader for Microbiology/Immunology, Standardized Cases for Clerkships, EMS Observer Shift with Charlottesville/Albemarle Rescue Squad CARS, Geriatrics Clerkship Learning Objectives and Grading Rubric, Diagnostic Kits for Medical Students, Foundations of Medicine (FoM) Review, Cells, Tissues and Mechanisms of Disease (CTMD) Course Review, Clerkship Learning Objectives Review
02/20/14 Announcement - Medical Education Week, "Bridging the Gap" - Macy Foundation Interprofessional Education Grant, Clerkship Evaluation Form, Criteria for Graduation, Education Goals/Metrics, Visiting Students, Clerkship Coordinators 
02/06/14 Announcements - Surgical OSCEs Postponed and IPE In the Transition Course, Study Period prior to Step 1 Designated Special Studies MED 8699, Clerkship NBME Subject Examination, SMD17 and SMD18 Weekly Schedules Approved, Revised Curriculum Committee Governance Document, Medicine and Ambulatory Internal Medicine (AIM) Clerkship Review
01/23/14 Review of Clerkship Grades SMD2014 and SMD2015, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal System Reviews, Emergency Medicine Elective Experience,  Interprofessional OSCE in the Transition Course
01/16/14 HeART of Medicine, Pediatric Clerkship Review, Competencies Required of the Contemporary Physician Amended
01/09/14 Announcements: Family  Medicine Clerkship Grading Schema, Residents As Teachers Program, Friday Forum Schedule, OB/GYN Clerkship Review, Transition Course
12/12/13 Health Sciences Library Clinical Key, Neurology Clerkship Review, Clerkship Evaluation Data, Mulholland Report, Pagers for Students, Change in Minimum Passing Requirement for USMLE Step 1
12/5/13 Clerkship Learning Objectives Statement, 2013 Annual Emergency Medicine Clerkship Review, 2013 Annual Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship Review, Hospitalist Service, Revision to LOs/Changes to procedures in the Clerkships
11/21/13 2013 Annual Family Medicine Clerkship Review, 2013 Annual Surgery Clerkship Review, 2013 Annual Peri-Operative/Anesthesiology Clerkship Review, XCredit Update
11/14/13 End of Clerkship Evaluation Forms, Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement, Clerkship Grades, USMLE Step 1 Results for SMD 14 and SMD15, Feedback on Clerkship Quizzes
10/31/13 Announcement, Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), DX/RX Learning Objectives, Orientation/Cells to Society Review,  Social Issues in Medicine (SIM), Student Afternoon/Evening Tutorial Sessions, Biochemistry on the MCATs, Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement
10/24/13 Announcements - Joint Clerkship Meeting 10/23/13, Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs), USMLE Step 1 Results for SMD2014, Clerkship Year Defined, 2014 Geriatrics Clerkship
10/17/13 Announcements - USMLE Step3 - AAMC Uniform Clinical Training Agreement,  Clerkship Reviews, Assessment Philosophy, Follow-up Epidemiology Thread Review, Policy on Academic and Professional Advancement, Biochemistry Thread Report, Neuroscience Thread Report, Nutrition Thread Report, Afternoon Student-Led Review Sessions
10/10/13 Teaching Awards Announcement, Thread Reports on Microbiology/Immunology and Infectious Disease, Evaluating Student Knowledge of Specific Threads, Clerkship Grade Report, Oasis Performance, Medical Student Duty Hours
10/03/13 Transition Course, Cells to Society and DX/RX Review, Geriatric Clerkship Modifications
09/19/13 Proposed Rubric for Geriatric Clerkship Grades, Dean's Town Hall Meeting SMD17, Assessment Point Value, Afternoon Review Session Exemption
09/12/13 Announcement, Mind, Brain & Behavior (MB&B) System Review, Clerkship Notice - Anatomy Objectives, Assessment Guidelines, Delivery of New Material Prior to Examinations, Problem Sets, Assessment Point Value
09/05/13 Bob Bloodgood Years of Service to Medical Education, Pass/Not Pass (Pass/Fail) for Geriatric Clerkship, Assessment Guidelines, Gastrointestinal System Review, USMLE Step 2CK Results, Problem Set Definition
08/22/13 Epidemiology, Geriatrics Pass/Not Pass (P/F) Grading, Geriatrics Schedule for SMD2015, GI System, Joint Clerkship Meeting 10/23/13, System/Clerkship Reviews, Learning Objective Reviews
08/15/13 Curriculum Committee Vice-Chair, Changes to USMLE Step 3 Exam, HeART of Medicine, Thoughtful Medicine, Medical School Graduation Questionnaire 2013, Clerkship Grading Issues - Passing All Clerkship Components, Family Medicine Grading - Pass/Not Pass , Defining Satisfactory Academic Progress, Technical Standards Amendment
08/08/13 New Teaching Appointments, Newly Elected Co-Chairs of Pre-clerkship Committee, Student Notes in Epic, Class of 2017 Admission Data, Medical School Graduation Questionnaire 2013,  Orientation Learning Objectives, August Vacation/Intersession SMD16, Student Preparedness for Clerkship Survey, Assessment Philosophy, Annual Clerkship Reviews
06/20/13 USMLE Step 2 CK Passing Score, Up-Date on Mobile Apps, Professionalism Learning Objectives Extended, Intern Survey,  Policy on Student Supervision, Clerkship Student Performance Evaluation, Assessment Philosophy, Curriculum Committee Schedule
06/06/13 Learning Objectives Across Curriculum, Content Thread Leader Job Description/Committee, CPD-1a,b,c and CPD-2 OSCEs,  CPX 
05/30/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Content Thread Leader Job Description, Leadership of the Preclerkship Committee, CPD-1a,b,c and CPD-2 OSCEs,  CPX, SOM 2013 Survey of Graduates and Their Residency Directors
05/23/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:   NBME Proposal to Raise USMLE-2CK Passing Score, 2014 Schedule for MIS-GI-MBB, Labor Day Schedules, Technical Standards, Dean's Town Hall Meeting Notes, Renal/CV/Pulm Schedule, End-of-Year Class Behavior
05/16/13 GI System Review, UVA Mental and Physical Exam, Policy on Technical Standards, Cultural Competency Objectives for Clerkships
05/09/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Cultural Competency Objectives, Teaching Medical Students in Clerkships, Thread Leader Letter and Job Description, GI System Proposal for 2013, Learning Objective Review, Physical and Mental Exam in OSCE, Clinician for MSI Leadership, Keywords for X-credit
05/02/13 Musculoskeletal Integument System (MSI) Review, Microbes and Immune System (MIS) Review, ED-13
04/25/13 Exec MgMnt Grp: Graphs of Clerkship Grade Comparisons for SMD 2012, 2013, 2014, CPX and OSCE Reviews, Correlation Between System Grades and USMLE Step 1 Score for SMD14, SMD15 USMLE Prep Survey Results, SMD17 Next Generation Curriculum Schematic
04/18/13 Clerkship Grades, 2012 CV, Pulmonary and Renal Review Responses, Core Clerkship Elements,Self Directed Learning (SDL) in CPD, New GI System Leader Anne Tuskey Approval
04/11/13 Exec MgMnt Grp: CPD-1 Follow-Up Report, Student Sign-Up Process in Clerkships, Shortage of Family Medicine and Ambulatory Internal Medicine Preceptors, Patient Safety Learning Objectives for Clerkships, Student Consent/Options for Medical Education Research
04/04/13 Mulholland Report Review, Criteria for Passing SIM, Criteria for Passing CPD-1
03/28/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Announcements, Patient Safety, Clerkship Schedule for SMD2015, Minimum Criteria for Passing CPD, Guidelines for the Preclerkship Phase of the Curriculum
03/21/13 Residency Placement, Class of 2016 Calendar, CPX OSCE, Clerkship Grades, NBME Results, Endocrine/Reproductive System Review, Hematology System Review, New Thread Leaders, Committee Leadership Elections, Developing New Leadership, Academy of Distinguished Educators 9th Medical Education Research and Innovations 
03/14/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Cardiovascular, Renal and Pulmonary 2012 System Review Responses, Thread Leaders,  Committee Elections, Clerkship Grades, NBME Results, Developing New Leadership, Mulholland Society Request
03/07/13 Cardiovascular, Renal and Pulmonary 2012 System Recommendations, Perioperative Medicine Clerkship
02/28/13 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Instructional Methods, Assessment Methods, Resource Types,  Clerkship Progress in Developing Learning Objectives and Defining Resources, New Course/Clerkship Names and Definitions, New Clerkship Named/Defined for Registrar, SMD 2016 Clerkship Calendar, Criteria for Content in the NxGen Curriculum
02/21/13 New Fall First Year Courses Named/Defined, IRB Training Requirement, Dean's Town Hall Meeting for SMD16, Joint Clerkship Meeting, Medicine/AIM Clerkship Review, Intersession, Teleconferencing, Student Notes on Clerkship (EPIC) 

Exec MgMnt Grp:  Announcements, Attendance, Clerkship Faculty Teaching Remuneration, Instructional Methods, Assessment Methods, Resource Types

02/07/13 Fall 2013 First Year Schedule Adjustment, Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship Review, Attendance, Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies
01/31/13 Announcements, Electives/Selectives, Fall 2013 First Year Schedule Adjustment

2012 Clerkship Reviews:  Geriatric Clerkship and Surgery Clerkship


Exec MgMnt Grp:  Selectives/Electives, Orientation Schedule for Class of 2017, Schwartz Center Rounds, Student Evaluations, CPD-1c OSCE Data


2012 Clerkship Reviews:  Pediatric Clerkship and OB/GYN Clerkship


2012 Clerkship Reviews:  Family Medicine Clerkship, Perioperative and Acute Care Clerkship - Emergency Medicine and Anesthesiology Weeks, Neurology Clerkship


Exec MgMnt Grp: AIM, TBL Proposal, Academic Policy on Professionalism, Clerkship Progress - Learning Objectives, Resources, Assessment, Stability of Preclerkship Phase


Patient Safety and Quality, Stabilizing Molecular and Cellular Medicine (MCM), Friday Forum Evaluation


Exec MgMnt Grp:  Patient Centered Medical Home Curriculum (PCMH)


Clerkship Review Reminder, Transition Course, Intersession, Patient Interviews in the Preclerkship Period, SMD16 Second Year Curriculum


Exec MgMnt Grp: Transition Course, Intersession, Patient Interviews, Student Competencies, Technical Standards


Exec MgMnt Grp: Announcements,  Art in Medicine, Renal/CV/Pulmonary Schedule for 2014, Clerkship Grading Policy, Student Groups for TBLs, etc., CPD Recommendations 


Announcements, Visitation in SOM Teaching Space, Renal/CV/Pulmonary Schedule for 2013, Class of 2014 Credits Required for Graduation, Neurology Clerkship Leadership, Clinical Performance Development (CPD) Review, Clerkship Reviews


Exec MgMnt Grp:  Announcements,  2014 Elective Credits,  Student Review of Summative Exam Questions, Neurology Clerkship Leadership, System/Course Review, Graduation Questionnaire, Future Agenda Items


Mind Brain Behavior System Review/Discussion


Exec MgMnt Grp: Preclerkship Examination Review/ Grade Distribution Policy, Cultural Responsiveness, PostClerkship Recap - SMD14 Elective Schedule


iPhone Interface, SMD17 and SMD18 Pre-clerkship Curriculum Schedules, Proposal for Sat. 2/9/13 as Final Day for Taking SMD15 USMLE-1, Policy Regarding Absences in Clerkships, Planning and Evaluation Process for Fall/Winter Systems Clerkships and Electives, Dean's Town HallMeeting for SMD16


Exec MgMnt Grp:  Translational Science, TBL Attendance Policy


Changes in Interview Policy, Grading Policy for Clerkships and Selectives,Patient Safety and Quality Thread, Slide Template, Attendance


Comprehensive End of Pre-clerkship Phase Summary Evaluation, Clerkship Adminstration, Medicine Clerkship Schedule - SMD 16, Clerkship/System Evaluations

08/09/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Announcements, Clerkship Evaluation Process, Clerkship Intersession in August 2013, Access to System Web Sites, Learning Objectives Across the Curriculum
07/26/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Announcements, Seeking SOM Curriculum Committee Nominations, Microbes System Leader, Clerkship Director/System Leader Selection Process, System Leader Committee Leadership, Downloading Material from Student Source Prohibited, Student Attendance, Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies
07/05/12 Core Clerkship Schedule (Class of 2015), LCME Requirement Regarding Faculty, Clerkship Subject Exam Policy, Mid-Clerkship Examinations
06/20/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Proposed Clerkship Schematic - SMD16, NxGen Curriculum Policies and Procedures Manual
06/18/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Proposed Clerkship Schematic - SMD16,  Review Sessions in the Systems Outside of Regularly Scheduled Class Time
06/14/12 Review Sessions in Systems, Guidelines for Course Materials in SOM Learning Management System, System and Thread Leader Contact List, Clerkship Grades, NxGen Cells to Society Core Clerkship Schedule
06/07/12 Elective/Selective Supervisor Responsibilities, General Class of 2016 Curricular Schedule and Post-Clerkship Schedule for SMD 2014, Update on CPD
06/04/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Next Generation Procedures
05/30/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Next Generation Procedures
05/24/12 Exec MgMt Grp:  Molecular and Cellular Medicine (MCM) Review, Team Based Learning (TBL)
05/17/12 Pulmonary System Review, Microsurgical Training
05/10/12 Exec MgMt Grp: Endocrine-Reproductive System Review, Dean's Town Meeting for Clas of 2015
05/03/12 Microbes System Review, Thread Leaders, Clerkship Schedule
04/26/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Musculoskeletal Integument (MSI) System Review,  Renal System Review, Guidelines for Curriculum Development
04/19/12 Clinical Performance Development (CPD) Course Review
04/11/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: Clinical Medicine Committee Recap, Clerkship Organization
04/05/12 Clerkship Grade Audit, USMLE Shelf Exam Contribution to Clerkship Grades, System Review Schedule, 2012 Mulholland Report, Hematology System Review, Comparative Performance of Clerkship Grades
03/29/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies, Team Based Learning and Laboratory Activity Policy, Shelf Exam Component of Clerkship Grades, Clerkship Organization,
03/22/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Cardiovascular System 2012, Engagement Sessions Defined, Clinical Performance Development
03/15/12 Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies, OB/Peds Clerkship Student Numbers, Surgery Clerkship Rotation Numbers, State Licensure Requirements, USMLE Step 1 Scores
03/08/12 USMLE Scores, Policy on Academic and Professional Deficiencies, Cardiovascular (CV)System, Team Based Learning (TBL)
03/01/12 Interprofessional Education, Medical Education Week, Clerkship Reviews
02/23/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Clerkship Director and System Leader Selection Criteria/Resources, MSI System Request, System Teaching Procedures
02/16/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Article Discussion- Arthur Garson, CPD Mentor Through Clerkship Year
02/09/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  System Leader Meeting Attendance, Basic Science for Careers Retintroduced
02/02/12  SMD 2015 Clerkship Calendar, Preclinical Student Awards, Clerkship Reviews 2011-12, Standard Mental and Physical Examination
01/26/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: SMD 14 Elective/Selective Weekly Schedule, SMD 2016 2012-13 Schedule
01/19/12 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Media Products, Passports, Preclerkship 2015 and 2016 and Postclerkship 2014 and 2015 weekly schedules
01/12/12 Exec MgMnt Grp: CPD-2 Redesign
01/05/12 Transition Course, Class of 2015 Schedule, Pulmonary System Leadership, System Leader Selection Policy, Clerkship Reviews, ACGME/LCME Programs for Improving Resident Teaching Skills, Clerkship Grades, Team Based Learning
12/15/11 Exec MgMnt Grp:  Introduction of Casey White, Awards and Honors for SMD 14, Passports for SMD 14, Learning Objectives in the Clerkships, SIM Center Update, CPD Update
12/08/11 Exec MgMnt Grp:  AMA News Article, 2012 Class Start Date, Creating a Clinical Experience Continuum, Quality of Images in CPD
12/01/11 GI System Review, Clerkship Update from CMC, Clerkship Learning Objectives, Immediate Feedback Follow-up


Exec MgMnt Grp:  Assessment Evaluation Committee, Exam Feedback Issues, Clerkship Passports for 2012-13
11/10/11 Exec Mgmt Grp:  Welcome and Announcements, Eight Week Clerkship Rotations vs. Twelve Week Interdisciplinary Clerkship Rotations,
10/27/11 Use of the Learning Studio, Library, Auditorium for Summative Examination, Ultrasonograpy Exercise in CPD-1, Faculty Professionalism in the Curriculum, Summative Exam Question Feedback, Curriculum Committee Executive Management Group
10/13/11 Mind, Brain and Behavior System Review
09/23/11 OBGYN Plans at Bon Secours, OBGYN Selective,  Clerkship Curriculum Design
09/15/11 Musculoskeletal Integument (MIS) System Review. USMLE Review Sessions, Weekend Exam Locations
09/01/11 Announcements, Clerkship Review 2010-11, Clerkship Curriculum Design, Ultrasonography Use in the Curriculum,
08/25/11 Fall IAMSE Web Audio Series Announced, Policy on Academic Deficiencies, Activity Types and Recording Policies, Ultrasonography in the SOM Curriculum
08/18/11  Surgery Clerkship Assistant Director, Geriatrics Clerkship Director, Clerkship Director Selection Process, SMD2015 Revised Schedule, OBGYN/LMS Website, Policies on Attendance, Make Up and Assessment
06/16/11 CPD-2 Recommendations
05/19/11 Role of Medical Students in EPIC, Biomedical Ethics Program, Grading Discussion Continued
05/12/11 Role of Medical Students in EPIC, Clinical Performance Development, Student Testing Recommendations
05/05/11 Developing an Improved Grading Policy for the Pre-clerkship Curriculum
04/21/11 Approving 2011-13 SMD 20115 schedule, Defining the Threads
04/14/11 LEED Certification, Elective Expenses, Weekend Exam Extension, Student Work Hours, Defining the Curriculum
04/07/11 On-Line NBME Shelf Exam Pilot, Continuity Between Clerkships and MSTP Graduate Programs, Student Work Hours, NBME Results
03/24/11 Announcements, Joint Clerkship Committee Meeting, MCM Restucturing, Consistency Across Entire 18 Month Curriculum, Faculty Development, CPD Evaluations, Grading Remediation Policies
03/10/11 Mulholland Report and Discussion
03/03/11 Announcements: Mulholland Report, ADE Medical Education Week, Call Rooms, Clinical Connections, ED-24, Boot Camp for Medical Students, Policy on Recording Patient Interviews, MCM Fall Schedule
02/17/11 CPD Interim Report and Response,  Redefiing MCM
02/10/11 Treatment of Copyright Materials and Student Educational Records, System Based Practice, Bon Secours Affiliation Agreement, Defiing MCM
02/03/11 Simulation Center Tour, Announcements, MCM System Evaluation Report and Course Director Response
01/20/11 System and Thread Leader Meeting, Systems Group Co-Leaders, Consistency of TBLs
01/06/11 Announcements, Elective Evaluation Change, Clinical Medicine Committee Update 12/13/10, Student Web Posts, Copyright Issues
12/09/10 Announcements, LCME Review
12/02/10 LCME Review Group, UVA NxGen CurriculumInterim Evaluation Report (Weeks 2-12)
11/18/10 Announcements, Medicine Clerkship Proposal
11/04/10 Announcements, Clerkship Director Selection Process, Clerkship On-call Room Progress, Monitoring Clerkship Evaluations, Progress Regarding Medical Education in Epic
10/21/10 Joint Clerkship Committee Meeting 10/20/10, Clinical Performance Development (CPD) in the Clerkships, Recruitment and Selection of Clerkship Directors
10/14/10 Restrictions for Learning Studio and Auditorium in the Claude Moore Education Building, Recruitment and Selection of Clerkship Directors, Epic and Medical Students
10/07/10 Handouts in the Next Generation Curriculum, Molecular and Cellular Medicine,
09/09/10 Policy for Recruitment of Clerkship Directors, System Leaders, and Thread Leaders, Policy on Academic Deficiencies
09/02/10 Announcements, Clinical Performance Development, National Board of Medical Examiners, Elective Evaluation Form, Attendance Policy
06/10/10 Guidelines for Curriculum Development, Recommendations to the Curriculum Committee for the use of Team Based Learning (TBL)
06/03/10 Clarification of Fourth Year Elective Evaluation, Student Assessment Community Report, Neurology Clerkship Internal Review
05/20/10 Clarification of Fourth Year Elective Evaluation, Student Assessment Community Report, Neurology Clerkship Internal Review
05/13/10 Policy on Digital Teaching and Learning Environment, Fourth Year Clinical Elective Evaluations
05/06/10 Assessment Committee Report, Selection/Approval Process for Curriculum Leaders
04/15/10 2010 Mulholland Report
04/08/10 Electives Program Review, Night Call, Student Safety in the Clerkships
04/01/10 Dual Degree Program M.D./Ph.D., Student Safety in the Clerkships
03/18/10 Academy of Distinguished Educators  (UME) Research and Innovation Grant, UME Education: QI and Patient Safety, 2009 USMLE Step 1 Scores
03/11/10 Announcements, New Medicine Clerkship Director, Integrated Assessment of Students in Next Generation Curriculum, Remediation in the Next Generation Curriculum
03/04/10  Epic in the Curriculum, Clerkship Student Evaluation Form Change
02/18/10 Announcements, Article of Interest, Placement of Epidemiology in the Curriculum
02/04/10 Advice on MCM and Systems Timetables
01/21/10  Hospital Renovation Project Concerns, Education Retreat, Attendance Issues
01/07/10 Clinical Performance Development Leadership, Teaching Electives, Continuation of Discussion on Defining the Period Clinical Performance Development Leadership, Clinical Connections
12/17/09 Defining course unit length in new curriculum for assignment of grades  , Co-Director of the Perioperative and Acute Care Medicine Clerkship,  Defining the period between the end of Systems and the start of Clerkships
12/10/09  Announcements, ED30, Medical Education Building, System Leaders, Teaching Resources, Imparting Next Generation Curriculum Information to the Students
12/03/09  Curriculum Planning Report Discussion
11/19/09  Curriculum Planning Report, 2009 AAMC Meeting Continued, AM vs PM Classes in the Next Generation Curriculum, Jordan 1-14 and 1-5,
11/12/09  Student Assessment Committee, 2009 AAMC Meeting
10/15/09  Vitual Autopsy Links, Joint Clerkship Meeting, Next Generation Curriculum, Availability of Learning Studio, Assessment Plan
10/08/09 Progress Report from the Curriculum Evaluation Community, Learning Objectives, Department Financial Support, Faculty Development
10/01/09  Principles of Medicine  Three Year Plus Committee Report to the Curriculum Committee
09/17/09 Proposal Requesting Dual Degree Status for the MS-CR Program in Public Health Sciences, End of First Year USMLE Style Examination, Program Evaluation Committee, Curriculum Development, Next Generation" Cells to Society Curriculum Timeline & Deliverables, Student Assessment Community, Recent LCME Accreditation Reports, Next Generation Schema
09/10/09 Dual Degree Status for MS-CR Program in Public Health Sciences, Next Generation Cells to Society Curriculum, Clinical Performance Development Course
09/03/09  MD-PhD Curriculum Proposal, UVA SOM 2009 Competencies, End of First Year USMLE Style Examination, AM/PM Scheduling of Classes in the New Curriculum
06/11/09 Neurology Clerkship Review, Surgery Clerkship Review
06/04/09 Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship Review, Institutional Programs and Educational Activities to Address the Needs of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT)  Students and Patients, Next Generation" Preliminary Calendar
05/28/09 Internal Medicine/AIM Clerkship Review
05/14/09 Family Medicine Clerkship Review, Medical Education Competencies
05/07/09 Upcoming Clerkship Reviews, Pediatric Clerkship Review, Medical Education Competencies
04/16/09 Next Generation Curriculum Website, Clerkship Reviews, Job Descriptions for Foundations, Systems and Content Directors, Clinical Medicine Committee, Clinical Skills Assessment, Topic Lists, All University Teaching Awards
04/02/09 Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2011, Tuition Scholarship, Professionalism
03/19/09 Handout Discussion, Disclosure of Special Interests for UME Teaching, USMLE 2008 Step 1 and NBME Score Review, Electronic Medical Record, Medical Education Building
03/12/09 Clerkship Review, Writing Learning Objectives, Handouts - Are they Necessary?
03/05/09 Articles of Interest, Medical Education: Preparing for the Next Generation
02/19/09 Interprofessional Education (IPE) Initiative, Preliminary Layout of Renal System
02/12/09 "Next Generation" Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum,  Faculty Development
02/05/09 Laptop Computer Requirement, Interprofessional Education Initiative, Integration of Basic Science into Clerkship Period.
01/22/09 Organ System Teaching at Duke and in Singapore (Zhen Yan), Matrix for Development of Systems Based Curriculum
01/15/09 System Development Teams, Principles for Development of Systems Based Curriculum
01/08/09 Physician Workforce in an Aging Society
12/18/08 Clinical Service Work Hours, MD/MBA Program, ADE Teacher Coaching Training Session, Next Generation Cells to Society Curriculum
12/11/08 Next Generation Medical Education Discussion 
11/20/08 Next Generation Medical Education Discussion with Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, Randolph Canterbury
11/13/08 ACT Curriculum Development Tool, Next Generation Medical Education Discussion
11/06/08 Basic Science for Careers Update, Next Generation Medical Education Discussion
10/23/08 Curriculum Evaluation, Approval of Clerkship Dierctors for Acute Care and Perioperative Clerkship, Geriatrics Clerkship
10/16/08 Competency Based Curriculum, Yearly Review of Data 2007-2008, Continuation of Next Generation Medical Education Discussion, Model of an Integrated (systems based) Curriculum Matrix
10/09/08 Acute Care Medicine, Next Generation Medical Education Discussion
10/02/08 HRSA Grant: Enhancing Culturally Competent Care,  Curriculum, Principles of Medicine and Clinical Medicine Committee Retreat on September 20, 2008
09/18/08 Clinical Skills and Clinical Performance Education
09/11/08  Special Joint Curriculum Meeting 9/20/08; Curriculum Integration, Clerkship Expansion to 12 Months
09/04/08  Education Task Force Report Focus, Special Joint Curriculum Meeting Announcement
06/19/08  Clinical Skills Education,   Proposal to Accommodate Expansion of Class from 142 to 160, First Year Schedule 2008 - 2009 
06/12/08 Basic Science for Careers Rerport, Proposal for 2-week Geriatrics Clerkship
06/05/08 Clinical Clerkship Report - June, 2006-June, 2007 (Mulholland Report),  dmissions/MCAT/ULMLE Outcome Data, AAMC Graduation Questionnaire, Course Evaluations
05/22/08 Medical Neuroscience Course Review
05/15/08 PoM1 Course Review Discussion, 2009-2010 Clerkship Calendar, Comprehensive Exam Proposal
05/08/08 PoM1 Course Review 
05/01/08 Announcements, CSTAP Report
04/24/08 Gross and Developmental Anatomy Course Review, Options to Accommodate More Students (~20) Per Year on Clerkship Rotations
04/10/08 USMLE Response to Pathology Chairs, Combined Degree Program M.D.-M.B.A., Cultural Competency, Anatomy Course Review, Cummulative End of First Year USMLE Examination
04/03/08 Announcements, Gross and Developmental Anatomy Course Review
03/20/08 Education Task Force
03/13/08 Medical and Molecular Genetics Course Review 
03/06/08 Clerkship Website Template, Admissions Survey of Matriculants, MR5 Scheduling Difficulties, Defining the Core Clerkship Experience, Update on Comprehensive Review of USMLE, Clerkship 2008 Increased Size
02/21/08 Announcements,  Amendment to 12 Competencies, Anatomy Working Group Objectives, Curriculum Elements, Clinical Practice Exam, Basic Science for Careers Update
02/14/08 Announcements, Consideration of an Extended Clerkship Period, Core Clerkship Elements
02/07/08 Announcements, Combined Degree Program, M.D.,M.P.H, Measuring Success in Residency Placement, Course Reviews, Extension of Clerkships
01/24/08 Announcements, POM2 Request, Clinical Skills Educator Program, War Games 
01/10/08 Announcements, War Games


Basic Science for Carreers Update, Cultural Competency, Curriculum Management Tool


Basic Science for Careers Report, First and Second Year Course Directors' Job Descriptions, Anatomy Discussion Groups, Recommendations of the Task Force on the Anesthesia Experience, Enhancing the Clinical Experience
11/29/07 Medical Anatomy Study Group, Anatomy Access and rules of Professional Behavior Committee, Job Descriptions for Course Directors, Gold Humanism Award, Task Force on Anesthesia Experience Report, Curriculum Committee Member Nominations 


Anesthesiology Taskforce Report, MP3's and Class Attendance, Education Taskforce meeting, Pay for Teaching, Basic Science for Careers, Improving Clinical Environment and Learning Experiences
10/25/07 Basic Science for Careers, USMLE Step 2 CS Performance 
10/11/07 Town Meeting Comments, Clinical Connections, Class Attendance Years 1 and 2, Joint Clerkship Meeting Agenda
10/04/07 Working Group on Clinical Skills Education (WGCSE) Report, Class Size and the Commission on the Future of the University
09/27/07  ACLS-Elective Response, Class Size and the Commission on the Future of the University 
09/20/07 Clinical Skills Training and Assessment Program, Class Size and the Commission on the Future of the University 
09/13/07 Announcements; USMLE Results, Clerkship Website Review, ACLS Training 
06/14/07  Elective/Selective Evaluations On-Liine; Student Medical Education Committee, Student Request for History of Medicine/Diversity Curriculum, Anatomy Course
06/07/07 05-06 Mulholland Report, Dx Rx Course

New Horizons in Teaching Research, Clerkship Grades, Surgery Clerkship Website/Cases, Nutrition in SOM Curriculum

05/10/07 Conservation Medicine, Public Health, DX/RX Course, Clinical Skills Working Group Update, ADE Medical Education Research Grant Proposals, Cells to Society Update
05/03/07 Clinical Medicine Committee Update, Clinical Practice Exam (CPX), Principles of Medicine Committee Update
04/12/07 Jordan Hall Lecture Halls, Clerkship Coordinators Meeting, Instructional Videos, Gross and Developmental Anatomy, Working Group on Clinical Skills Education
04/05/07  Basic Science for Careers Update, Anesthesiology - Its place in the Curriculum and the Surgery Clerkship, Cultural Competency, Student Request for Hx of Medicine/Diversity Curriculum, LCME Report
03/22/07 USMLE Topical Index and other Curriculum Tracking Methods
03/15/07 Anesthesiology Component of the Curriculum,  2006 National Board Scores for USMLE Step 1, Epidemiology Course Director, PoM1 Course Director, Isabel, Cultural Competency 
03/08/07 Surgery Proposal, Isabel, Class of 2009 Courses,
03/01/07 Summer Medical Spanish, PoM2 Proposal, PoM1 Course Director, Epidemiology Placement in Curriculum, 08-09 Selective/Elective Curriculum, Patient Clinician Encounter Program, Principles of Medicine Committee Report, Learning Through Service
02/08/07 Clerkship Grades 06-07, Epidemiology Placement in Curriculum, Admissions Discussion, PoM2 Proposal, ADE Research Poster Session
02/01/07 Clerkship Site Needs Assessment, Summer Medical Spanish, Nutrition Curriculum, PoM1 Course Director, Student Evaluation Uniformity, Clerkship Objectives, Isabel, Student ID Numbers,
01/18/07 GRIPE Meeting, Student Standardized Test Scores, CMC Report, Clerkship Evaluations, Simulation Equipment Demonstration 
01/11/07 07-08 Schedule, Exam Policy, UME Allocation Model for Clinical Departments, Student ID Numbers, Computer Based Exams, POM Report, Virtual Slides, Audience Response System
12/14/06 Student ID Numbers, Medical School at Virginia Tech/Carilion, USMLE Scores, Clerkships in Color, Humanism, 07-08 Schedule
11/30/06 SIM Update, CSE Update, 07-08 Academic Calendar, H&P Into PoM1, Change to LCME Standard ED 1 & 1a, Medical School at Virginia Tech/Carilion
11/09/06 CS2, Assessment of New Curriculum, Lecture Attendance, Second Year Student Issues
11/02/06 Standard on Service Learning, Exploratory/Social Issues in Medicine, CS2
10/19/06 H&P Preceptors for PoM2, Teaching Responsibilities 
10/12/06 LCME Site Visit, H&P Preceptors for PoM2
10/05/06 Annual Course Reviews, Clinical Skills Educator Program, Clerkship Evaluations, Clerkships in Color, Medical Neuroscience, Nutrition Curriculum, Joint Clerkship Meeting, Curriculum Committee Fall Agenda, Meeting with First Year Class
09/21/06 Clerkship Grades, Intro to Psychiatric Medicine, Ambulatory Internal Medicine, Curriculum Committee Membership, Cells to Society, Clinical Medicine Report, Principles of Medicine and Core Systems Report, Clerkship Reveiw 2006 
09/14/06 Grade Distribution, Clinical Skills Program, Content in Color 
09/07/06 Clinical Connections, Transition Course, Clerkship Clinical Skills Program, 2006-07 Agenda
08/31/06 Summer Update, Anesthesia Experience, Clerkship Clinical Skills Education Program, CSE, Cumulative Honors Survey, Clinical Service Work Hours, Study Hours - Years 1 and 2, Selective Supervisors, PoM1 Course Co-Director Position, Job Descriptions for Directors, Health Sciences Library, Audience Response System, Clerkship Evaluations Agenda for 2006-07
07/27/06 Summer Update, Family Medicine Clerkship Director, PoM-1 Course Director, Content Review of Foundations and Core Systems courses, Annual Course Review
06/29/06 Neuroscience Course Director, Electives/Selectives, First Year Spring 06-07 Schedule, Late Grades in Clerkships/Courses, Healers Art, Lecture Attendance
06/15/06 Basic Science for Careers, Focus Group for Clerkship Discussion, Internal Medicine Clerkship Change, Introduction to Psychiatric Medicine Proposal
06/08/06 Professionalism, New Surgery Clerkship Co-Directors, Monitoring the Curricluum Content
06/01/06  Duty Hours for Medical Students, Handouts for Medical Academic Support, Information Management
05/18/06 Clerkship Grades, OB/GYN Clerkship Review, Evaluation of Spring Year 1 New Curriculum
05/04/06 Medical Spanish Elective, LCME ED-33 and ED-37 Standards
04/27/06 University Teaching Awards, Clerkship Grades, Surgery Clerkship Review, Principles of Medicine Committee Motion
04/20/06 Internal Medicine Clerkship Review, Clinical Skills Educator Program, Use of Microscurgical Simulators for Medical Education, Lecture Attendance, Teaching Spaces Proposal
04/13/06 Pediatric Clerkship Review, Student Lecture Attendance
03/23/06 Neurology Clerkship Review, Social Issues in Medicine
03/09/06 Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship Review, Cummulative Honors
03/02/06 Family Medicine Clerkship Review; Semester 1 of the Medical School Curriculum
02/16/06 Isabel, Clerkship Reviews, Clerkships/Electives/Selectives and Basic Science Courses
02/09/06 Clerkship Reviews, Medical Education
02/02/06 Exploratory Program, Clerkship Grades, Clinical Connections, Clinical Reflection Program, Clerkship Review Reminder
01/19/06 Basic Science for Careers, Mentorship Program, Curriculum Committee Agenda
01/05/06 Isabel, , Short Clerkship Evaluation Form, Competencies Required of the Contemporary Physician, Residents as Teachers
12/01/05 Learning Competencies E-mail, Residents as Teachers, Neuroscience Course, Short Clerkship Evaluation Form, 06-07 Schedule, Basic Science for Careers, Academy of Distinguished Educators, Clinical Skills Project, Clinical Skills Educator, Guidelines on Sexual Health Curriculum
11/17/05 Clinical Medicine Committee Update, M.D., Ph.D. Program, Neuroscience Course, Graduation Survey, Resident Teaching, Psychiatric Medicine
11/10/05 Clerkship Grades, Electives/Selectives,  MD,PhD Curriculum Issues,  USMLE Step 3, New Curriculum Impact on First Year
11/03/05 Neuroscience Course Review
10/20/05 Approval of OBGYN Clerkship Director, Clerkship Grades, Mulholland Report
10/13/05 Cells to Society
10/06/05 Clerkship Clinical Skills Education Project
09/22/05 Human Patient Simulation
09/08/05 Professionalism, Clinical Connections
09/01/05 Neurology Clerkship Grades, Basic Science for Careers, Center for Humanism in Medicine, Selective/Elective Program
08/25/05 Medical Biochemistry 2005, Microbiology Course Director
06/16/05 Neurology Clerkship Director, 05-06 First Year Schedule, Clinical Skills Educator Project, Cells to Society Update
06/09/05 CSE status for 2005-2006, Clinical Connections Requirement, Anesthesia Experience, Clinical Skills Assessment Project Update, Passport Review
05/26/05 LCME Accreditation Schedule, Patient Clinical Encounter Program,  MSTP Resolution, Creation of New Electives and Selectives
05/19/05 Curriculum Posters,  Patient Clinical Encounter Program, Department Presentations, BS4C, Clinical Connections
05/12/05 Course Reviews for 05-06, New Course Directors, Review of Courses, Curriculum Threads, Clerkship Directors Meeting
05/05/05 Exploratory Program, RXDX Course, Electives


ADE Educational Research Poster Session, Second Year Preceptorship, Sexual Health Curriculum


AAMC Meeting, Decrease in PoM2 Course Faculty,  "Becoming a Clinician" Ceremony, 04-05 Activities of the Principles Committee


Basic Science for Careers, Review of Clinical Connections Course, UTA/GTA, RX/DX


Cells to Society Evaluation, U21, Biochemistry Review Discussion


Biochemistry Review


Dx & Rx, Biochemistry Review, Clinical Skills Education, Clinical Connections, Medical Education Building, P/F/Honors Grading System, Human Patient Simulator,  Medical Education Research Day


Biochemistry Review Materials, ED-2 Developments, Elective Credits, Summer Research Program, Clinical Encounters in Pre-clerkship Period, Clinical Skills Educator Status


DX/RX Course, Libary Exercises, Exploratory Program, Principles of Medicine, Afternoon Class Time, Student Evaluations


Neuroscience Course Director, DX-RX Course, Library Exercises


DX/RX Course Placement, Becoming a Clinician Ceremony, Review of PoM, 2nd Year Preceptorship Program


Clinical Skills Educator, Geriatric Subspecialty in Internal Medicine


Basic Science for Careers Co-Directors; Univ. Washington SOM Back to Bedside, Mentorship Program, Medical Education Building


C2S Endorsed, Medical Education Advisory Committee, PoM 1&2 Review, Exploratory, Preceptorship, Town Meeting


CMC Meeting Recap, Student Notes, On-Line Clerkship Evaluations, Clinical Skills Educator, Alliance for Clinical Education


Roanoke Clerkship Directors' Meeting;  Basic Science for Careers Co-Directors, Pass/Fail Grading System; Dashboard Data


Life Saving Techniques Workshop, Medical Education Building


LCME Re-accreditation Process, Patient Tracker Software


Computer & Information Literacy Survey, Review of "Cells to Society; An Introduction," Clerkships, Electives and Selectives Transition


Medical Student Duty Hours, Teaching Award Recipients, Cells to Society,  Major Diseases of Our Time


Summer Update, Goals for 04-05


Cells to Society, LCME standard ED-2, Passport System, Ethics Rounds, Praise/Early Concern cards


Major Diseases of Our Time, Curriculum for Professionalism, Praise/Early Concern Cards


Clinical Skills Educator, Clinical Skills Assessment Project


Clerkship Evaluations, USMLE-2CS, Basic Science for Careers


Phlebotomy for First Year Students, Humanistic Medicine Curriculum Thread, Clinical Skills Educator, Major Diseases of our Time, Basic Science for Careers


Diagnosis & Treatment - The US Healthcare System Capstone Program; Humanistic Medicine Curriculum Thread


Life Saving Course, Clinical Skills Assessment Proposal, Clinical Skills Educator


Surgical Techniques and Emergency Care Skills, Second Year Preceptorship and Mini-Reviews


News, NBME Shelf Exam, Blood Draw Exercise


Mini-Reviews, H & P's


IMCT Team Plan, Teaching of the H&P exam


Extension of Foundations and Core Systems D & D Team Efforrts, 2004-2005 First and Second Year Schedule, Elective  Proposal for a Transition Period Schedule,   05-06 First and Second Year Proposed Schedule


Foundations of Medicine and Core Systems Curriculum Retreat Reports


Second Year Afternoon Activities


Clinical Epidemiology Self-Assessment and Review


NBME Shelf Exams, Student Participation in Educational Activities 


Contemporary Clerkship, Electives, Selectives Team Report, Pathology Course Self-Assessment


Foundations of Medicine & Core Systems Team Report and Cells to Society Team Report


Curriculum Retreats, Introduction to Psychiatric Medicine Self-Assessment


Curriculum Discussion, LCME Database Website, Clerkship Timeline


Contemporary Clerkship/Elective/Selective Team Report, Clerkship Clinical Skills Teaching & Assessment Project


Electives, PDA Requirement, Graduation Requirements for USMLE Step 2CS, Contemporary Clerkship and Electives Committee Report


Community Service (Exploratory) Team Report, Basic Science for Careers Team Report


Electives Program, Career Practice Enhancement Team


CPX Review


Future Meetings, Clerkship/Elective/Selective Team Report


Team Reports


Open House, Medical Decision Making, USML Step2CSE, CC Agenda 03-04, Advancing the Curriculum


Proposed Curriculum enhancements and Design and Development Teams


Clinical Medicine Committee Report, Curriculum Proposal


Clerkship/Elective Report, Clinical Skills Assessment Project, Proposal for Modernizing the Curriculum


Curriculum Outline


Human Patient Simulator (HPS)


Education Plan


Education Plan


Education Plan


Enhancing Clinical Experience


Organization & Planning for Decade Plan Proposals


Techniques Lab, Passports


Education Team Report


Intellectual Honesty, Faculty and Department Reward and Accountability


Medical education resources


Clerkship Schedule


School of Medicine Decade Plan


Pass/Fail Grading System, Bioethics Elective, Clerkship Review Response


Education Team Plan - School of Medicine Decade Plan


EDCAM Report, Internal Medicine Clerkship Review


Clerkship Interim Reports


Interim Clerkship Reports, EDCAM


Interim Clerkship Reports, Handouts, Curriculum Models


Student Research Symposium, Clinical Conversations


Basic Science for Careers and Practice Realities for Carreers


Psychiatric Clerkship Review, Basic Science for Careers


Membership Changes, C&T/Pharm Reviews, Self-Directed Study Proposal


Dean Garson Discusses Curriculum


Pharmacology and CTS/Physiology Yearly Course Reviews


Evaluation/Grading Policy - Clerkships


OB/GYN Interim Report


Funding Priorities. Sexual Heatlh Curriculum


USMLE Clinical Exam, SOM/Medical Center Joint Planning


Adult Learning, USMLE WEB site


1st Year Meeting, Handouts, Adult Education, "Standard" setting; Understanding 4th Year


Clinical Connections, Clinical Master Teacher Program


Clinical Master Teacher Program, Spanish as a Required or Elective course


Passport, Mission-Based Management, Committee 2002-03 Proposed Goals/Objectives


School of Medicine Finances


Physiology/CTS Review, Grading Proposal


USMLE Steps 1 and 2


USMLE Steps 1 and 2


Suture Workshop, Grading Proposal


Clerkship Review, Grading Task Force Report


Town Meeting with Students, Suturing Course,2002-03 1st Year Schedule


Psychiatry Clerkship


First & Second Year Afternoons, Passports


Clerkship Review, Clerkship Proposal


PoM Meeting, Basic Skills Curriculum


Electives Program, Advanced Clinical Elective, Clerkship Review - Preliminary Findings


Electives Proposal, Advanced Clinical Elective, Grading Subcommittee


Clinical Connections, Clinical Medicine Committee, Discussion of Clerkship Reviews


Electives Board, Discussion of Clerkship Reviews


Internal Medicine Clerkship Review


Disaster Preparedness; Neurology Clerkship Review


Psychiatric Medicine Clerkship Review


Surgery Clerkship Review


OB/GYN Clerkship Evaluation


Family Medicine Clerkship Evaluation; Ambulatory Internal Medicine Clerkship Review


Grading Subcommittee; Clerkship Passports; Teaching Faculty


Pediatric Clerkship Evaluation


Clerkship Passports


Setting the Agenda for Fall 2001- Spring 2002


PoM-1 Self-Assessment


Neuroscience Self-Assessment


Grading Issues, Clerkship Grade Distribution


PoM-2, Cultural Competency




PoM-2, Curriculum Committee Agenda


Microbiology & Biochemistry Self-Assessment, Funding for Medical Education


School of Medicine Finances


Medical Microbiology Self-Assessment


Biochemistry Self-Assessment


Exploratory Design Group, LCME Review, POM-1 Progress Report


Clinical Skills Passports, Anatomy Self-Assessment Review




Gross & Developmental Anatomy Self-Assessment


CTS/Physiology Self-Assessment




Curriculum Committee Schedule, Clinical Connections, 2001-02 Schedule


Clinical Connections


Residency Poll, Goals of Third & Fourth Years, Passport Update


Medical Neuroscience


Umedic, Clinical Connections Review


New Committee Member, CPX Resuls for 2001, Handheld Computer Devices


IBIS, Clerkship Passports, POM 2, Clinical Connection 11/00


PoM 2, LCME Report, Grading Issues, Exam Workshop


PoM 1& PoM 2


PoM 1 & PoM 2, Educational Space, Curriculum Information Sheet


CMC Report, Course Evaluations


Curriculum Evaluation, Clerkship Clinical Skills Assessment


Lunchtime Activities, Course Self-assessment, Electives


Review of Summer Events, Clinical Connections Pilot, Clerkship Calendar


CPX Results, Transition Course, AAMC Recently Adopted Standards


Exam Policy, 2000-01 First & Second Year Schedules, Lunchtime Activities


PoM-1, Small Group Space, Fourth Year Electives, Clinical Associates


Clinical Connections Update, Practice of Medicine Course Update


Learning and Teaching of Clinical Skills Study at UVA


Mulholland Clerkship Report 6/98-6/99, LCME Annual Questionnaire


Practice of Medicine Course Update


Year 2 Schedule Update


Practice of Medicine Course, On-line Evaluations


2000-01 Proposed Schedule, POM Leadership, Course/Faculty Evaluation


Practice of Medicine Design Group


Course Evaluation Proposal


Structured Time Defined


Tentative First Year Schedule


Course Leadership and Design Issues


Draft Year1 schedule


Curriculum Retreat Overview, Course syllabi, Grading system


Curriculum Open House, Practice of Medicine Course


Electives Program, Curriculum 2000, Practice of Medicine Course


Practice of Medicine Course


Practice of Medicine Course


Fundamentals Principles for Medical Education


Clinical Basic Sci. Review and Practice of Medicine Course Updates


Curriculum Proposals 2000 and Beyond III


Curriculum Proposals 2000 and Beyond II


Curriculum Proposals 2000 and Beyond I


Curriculum Management


Curriculum Management


IHIMS, Curriculum Management


Curriculum Management


M.D./Ph.D. Program Review


General Scholars Program Review, SoM Objectives/Competencies Resolved


SoM Objectives/Competencies, Classroom Adequacy, Faculty Letter, Goals


SoM Objectives/Competencies, Classroom Adequacy


SoM Objectives/Competencies, CC Responsibilities


Discussion of Goals


Introductions, Draft of CC Responsibilities, Core Values, and Purpose