Curriculum Committee Governance

Curriculum Committee Governance


The Curriculum Committee of the School of Medicine is responsible for defining the goals and objectives of the curriculum; for the design, management, and evaluation of the undergraduate medical curriculum in accordance with the accreditation requirements of the LCME and the mission and vision of the School of Medicine.


The Committee is responsible for establishing a process for reviewing, evaluating, and revising the curriculum on a recurring timeline to ensure that the curriculum is coherent, coordinated, current, and effective.


In addition, the Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Dean about the system of incentives for teaching effort, salary support for faculty who teach, teaching space required by the curriculum design, and other support requirements needed to make the curriculum operational. The Committee is to initiate, develop and lead action plans ensuring implementation of policies.


The Committee established and codified by the School of Medicine by-laws has the authority, with the approval of the Dean, to set educational objectives, establish educational requirements, allocate curriculum time, specify teaching methods, select course directors, and evaluate educational outcomes.


In addition, the Committee has the authority to set performance standards for instructors, initiate faculty development efforts, and evaluate instructor performance.

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Rev 01.24.13